Saturday, August 4, 2012

Don't Colour Me Kubrick

It was when the Kubrick movie The Shining came out, when I was a preacherboy, I done went to see the flick at a theatre in Palm Springs.  I went to a night showing, because I liked Kubrick flicks, because for one thing, he'd only come out with one flick every couple hundred years, and I done favorited 2001 Space Odyssey when I was a twerp in 1966.  So I was going to see this Shining flick, damnit, and I done went.  

It was a piece of shit.  I didn't like it.  The cinematography was eye-candy, but that's about it. The story sucked, the spooks and Johnny were psychotic, uninteresting, one-dimensional assholes.  I rooted for Scatman Crothers because he was cool, but he literally got axed.  Danny Boy lived and so did Olive Oil (ain't spoiling nothing for nobody, I'm sure), but you know they're going to be in therapy for the rest of their lives.  So yeah, it was a fucked up, misogynist, anti-family, artificial, superficial, unevolved, pathological Kubrick flick.  I fucking hated it, and came out of it thinking, What the hell was that?    

I trudged over to my pickup truck, and saw that the Bible I had left on my seat was gone.  So was my stereo.  Someone done ripped off my Bible and stereo while I was watching that rotten crap. Confusion came over me right away.  Why wasn't my stuff protected, and why did that happen when I was watching the movie?  I thought of "thief" references in the bible. What was the message?  

On a more mundane level, I also remembered that I experienced dissonance, one way or another, with every Kubrick flick (with the exception of 2001) I had gone to see in a theater. When his last film Eyes Wide Shut came out in 1999, I didn't bother to go to the theatre.  I was over Kubrick at that time, and just let it go.  I saw the midlife-crisis misogynist, superficial, artificial, inorganic, unsexy, laughable piece of garbage on TV some time much later.  What a joke.  So what was all the overrated hype about this guy?  I think there were more glorified misogynists in cinema in "those days" than there are today, perhaps.  I sure hope so.  

Never mind having had my Bible and stereo ripped off during The Shining.  The point is not literal, in retrospective interpretation; the relative hermeneusis of the Bible (i.e., interpreting-divining the cosmic communication of what happened) is that which is "holy" (not that such is my perspective per se of the bible), or sacred, and the radio is a receiver of signals, i.e., resonance.  To take it one step further, the dissonance of the flick was appropriated by its inherent misogyny and breakdown of the grounded life, and those things are what desecrate, take away from the sacred.  The sacred and the concordant were taken away, stolen, even. They were no more. Indeed, there are fields of vibrations that are not conducive to evolution-involution (because they merely reflect or reinforce the Habitual, chreodal status quo), and protection is always necessary for strong empaths.