Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dream of Invisible UFO Transmission

I had a dream I was walking through the forest with my family, following these orange lights in the sky (I have actually seen these recently in my waking life with Tantrawave). We came to a clearing and looked up at the sky to find that these orange lights were coming out of a bright purple rift in the sky.  Soon after that, a giant triangular spaceship started to come down from the sky towards us. To put into perspective how big it was, I thought that one of the thrusters coming down toward me was the moon. My family and I cleared immediately. When the ship touched down, it sent a shockwave throwing me down a hill. Flames were shooting out of the hill as I was rolling down it.  When things calmed down, I got up and looked for shelter for the night. I took refuge in a small cabin close to the bottom of the hill. In the morning, I headed out of the forest. I came out to a beach, and on the beach was what appeared to be the contents of a thrift store, with aisles and people perusing the aisles.