Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hawaii's Big Island - Hot Ponds Ghost

During my time living on Hawaii's Big Island I had many fascinating and serendipitous experiences. The following account is one of the most fascinating and to date, most baffling experiences in that it was captured digitally.

My daughter, her husband and granddaughter moved to Big Island for two years during my five and a half year stay. One of our favorite "swimming holes" was the Hot Ponds (or Warm Ponds as some refer to it) officially known as Ahalanui Park aka Puala'a County Park.

When it was originally built, the fresh water feeding into it was very cold, but after the Kapoho eruptions in 1955 the freshwater became volcanically heated, so the pool is now over 90 degrees in temperature. Being geothermally heated from magma running beneath on the east rift of the Kilauea Volcano, ocean water splashes over the front wall (to the left and out of view in this photo) and combines with the fresh "hot' water creating a perfect temperature in which to swim and snorkel.

I read at one time that it was built privately by a man for his wife, then sold to the county after she died. I cannot find that article today. An article that I found today stated that it was built by Federal funds in 1990 after the lava flowed over Kalapana. I agree that the park area was likely added to the pond in 1990. However, the 1990 lava flow affected Kalapana and not the Kapoho area. The Kapoho flow was in the early 1960's. And, this pond has been around for decades, after the 1960's flow. I will update this post when I can find its true history.

Regardless, it was a gorgeous day like every day on Big Island and we took our beach chairs, towels and a picnic lunch. My daughter is a photographer and began snapping photos of the pond, the ocean and surrounding flora.

Back at my house after a nice swim and good eats, she hooked up her camera to my laptop and downloaded the photos into iPhoto. As we were browsing the photos she downloaded we discovered something amazing; the image of a female sitting on the side of the pond (see above), surrounded in a purple aura.

The holographic aspect of this image is what caught my attention. We did not see this when we were there and there were very few visitors that day. So I used Photoshop to enlarge the image and crop it (upper left).

With our interest piqued, we searched all the other photos closely. There was one other image of interest. I also brought it up in Photoshop and enlarged the image.

What interests me most about this photo (upper right) is the shape of the purple "aura". It looks like the onion shaped domes on many of the mosques around the world.

The hot pond's park is a special place with very "new Earth" energy due to the movement underground. No doubt it creates a nice electromagnetic field which attracts people to the park. This also could be cause to attract other energies and entities to the area.

Regardless, the camera "saw" a lot more than we did that day.