Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Herd of Stampeding Elephants - Human Induced Climate Change Denial

I have not yet learned the difference between commenting and posting here, so forgive me if this appears twice.  My creative interests and 'activism' are complex so don't take this initial posting as the sum total of where I am at this point.  Yet this topic is essential and critically important IMO - i.e. a herd of elephants stampeding through the room.  I have said to many others that I do not want my grandchildren, great-grandchildren, et al. expressing their dismay at some near future horrific state on planet Earth that grandpa John knew what was going on but said and did nothing ....  So this is only the beginning salvo for that part of my journey as a member of a coalescing resistance to this insanity ....

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Hi all,

Keep in mind that this video was produced in 2008 - nearly 4 years ago....   IMO, Dr Hansen is arguably the undisputed foremost expert on climate change - everything that you need to know can be found in his writings and talks.  In this video (remember is 4 years old), he makes an incredibly important statement of the predicament that we are now facing .... This part is essential, so pay attention here:  
".... it's not obvious to the person in the streets, but it is a planetary emergency .... but the problem is that the climate system has tipping points, and you can reach a point where the dynamics of the system begin to take over .... a good example of this is the ice sheets ....  Greenland and Antarctica ice sheets are a couple of miles thick .... and they respond slowly as the planet starts to become warmer .... but once disintegration  gets underway, and the ice sheet begins to slide down the slope toward the ocean, the the dynamics of the system takes over and it doesn't matter - you can't solve the problem by reducing your greenhouse gases .... at that point it's too late ...."    
Only recently a huge chunk of Greenland slid into the ocean ...   I leave the conclusions to your capacity to hear, process, and understand Dr Hansen's statements, highlighted herein..   You wonder why Wall St, the Banksters, and increasingly fascist governments are doubling down on war and oppression and are getting as much as they can, while they can ....   Perhaps at least part of the answer lies here ....

 [James Hansen, climate hero: Global Warming Crisis]