Monday, August 6, 2012

Planet Buddha: A Glimpse of Novelty

Deparadigmization is not an easy thing to get "viral," because there simply isn't any ground on which a person, persons, or people can stand to get their bearings about what's going on, what's being said, and what they could expect.  This is because everyone has a point of view, a framework of reference by which they assess whatever the world presents them. Deparadigmization is something completely different.  It takes away that point of view, and nullifies it; it takes away that framework of reference, and nullifies that also.  The bottom falls out, there is no more familiar, habitual hypostasis.  

To get more concrete, this is what this blog Planet Buddha is all about.  It's not about Buddhism, first and foremost, it's not a "Buddhist" blog, and it's not a religious blog.  The term 'Buddha' is used in its original sense of 'Awakened.'  Planet Buddha is not a "paranormal" blog per se.  It's not a pagan blog per se.  It's not a ritual-magick blog per se. It's not a philosophy blog per se.  It's not an ideological blog in any way whatsoever.  It's not a political blog either.  There's a little here and there of all of the above, but that's not what Planet Buddha is.  This is why it is so difficult to pigeonhole, because it simply floats in its vast orbit in the space of Mind, and it has no distinctive features ... per se.  

I think readers might scratch their heads about what this place is about.  It really boils down to this. It's a place of exploration of new territories in the personal and collective Mindstream. There is no singular paradigm or point of view that is supported here, there is no axe to grind, and no, even deparadigmization is not its agenda; there is simply no bottom, and no top; everything is shifting and moving around.  But one thing's for sure,  it is not a place of platitudes and run-of-the-mill conventional wisdom ... and positively, it's a place of creativity, and living life as art.