Saturday, August 4, 2012

Talking With Trees

As of today, it is my sixth year practicing internal energy work. I am still not sure what to call it. Qi-Gong, Pranayama, internal alchemy, chakras, wheels, and Good Year Tires. I've always enjoyed the visage of the Michelin Man.

I recently went on a camping trip with a group of friends down south at Lake Samish in Bellingham. Every morning I sat in meditation and followed it up with a type of breathing taught to me by one of my mentors. I focused on expanding the area above the navel and below the solar plexus. This breathing felt very energizing and physically healing, my many aches and pains from rugby were miraculously improving. After spending over three thousand dollars over five years on all types of healing modalities, who would have thought that this sort of work would be the key to my physical healing. Healing is believing I guess. This skeptic has to concede just a little bit.

At the end of the trip, four of us BFF's (best friends fo lyfe) decided to go on a bike ride around the lake. After getting ready however we discovered that one of the bikes was broken. Oh well, we formulated a plan to draw sticks and the one stick at the bottom with a weird lump would be named the bikeless loser. My good friend and previous roommate was the one who got the lump and his head lowered at bit as he is a biking enthusiast.

Immediately I got the inkling to give up my bike and go walking in the forest behind the cabin. After some convincing, Matt accepted my offer. He thought I was doing him a favor, he looked at me as if I was some sort of altruistic being but the truth is the forest was calling me. As an aside, I have recently heard that the Medicine Buddha or Bhaisajya, has originations as a benevolent forest spirit. I bring this up because I seem to be very much happily involved with the energies, emanations, and morphic fields of Bhaisajyaguru.

Another thing to know is that I used to have great trouble enjoying nature as I much preferred the company of modern technology. My internal work however has entirely changed the way I experience life.

Back to the story. My friends went off on the bike ride and I headed towards the forest. Each step I took became easier as I went uphill and my breath naturally began to elongate and deepen. As I trod deeper into the forest the path diverged in two and I knew right away I was to go up the narrower passageway on the right. As I went uphill I was careful to step on as little plant life as possible. At this point the trees were literally speaking to me. Certain trees demanded extra attention as I would feel an energetic gurgling if I ignored them. Some of the trees I would stand with and encircle a few times before I could comfortably move on.

I walked onward for maybe five more minutes until I arrived at a beautiful circular area. At this point, my breathing was deep yet intense, my internal structure was being deeply affected by the energies of this area. I could feel my body accelerating internally while being wrapped by a brilliant sheen of stillness. I smiled while inhaling as much air as possible. I was starting to sweat quite a bit while walking back and forth in this small beautiful area. After about fifteen minutes of this I was ready to head back towards the cabin. I left feeling extremely energized with a deep sense of gratitude. As unbelievable as this was to my critical brain, I knew deeply that this incident, this one incident of many, was another dose of medicine from the cosmos.

My face felt extra warm and flush as I made my way back to the cabin. Did I mention I was also experiencing a powerful meditative state while being completely physically active? Matt and the rest of the gang came back shortly after as well. He thanked me once again for being so kind as to give up my spot. I thanked him too.