Monday, August 13, 2012

The Deep Blue Line

Aloha!  As I sat on the serene edge of the Pacific Ocean at Ewa Beach (pronounced Eh-veh – meaning Southward) on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, I took notice of a daily occurrence reminding me of the importance of light in regard to nature and to us as beings of transformation.

One of the most striking characteristics of the Pacific Ocean surrounding the Hawaiian Islands is its’ ever changing color combinations.  The energy of light and the properties of water combine to create a spectacular visual display of natural beauty.   Daily, I counted color combinations too numerous to list. And, it is doubtful that the English language even provides adequate names for all of the colors observed to “paint the picture” into words.  But, as the Sun moves across overhead from East to West, an amazing thing happens out on the horizon where the ocean meets the sky.  A deep indigo blue line forms on the water; a thin blue line stretching across as far as the eye can see.  As the day progresses, this line transforms into the deepest indigo blue that I personally have ever seen, and becomes “thicker”, deeper in color, and more pronounced until it peaks and begins to fade.

The variety of colors in the Pacific Ocean surrounding the Island of Oahu range from steel metallic blue in the morning at sunrise to aqua, teal, emerald green, light green, light greenish yellow, yellow, light blue, blue, royal blue and indigo.   Artists try to paint it, photographers try to capture it on film and tourists try to describe it to family and friends, but it has to be seen to be truly appreciated and its’ true wondrous natural beauty understood.  At the weekly Art Show in the Park, I asked an artist featuring a painting of the Ocean capturing the deep blue line, which color paint he used to create it.  He replied, "I combined colors; it can't be replicated with one color on canvas. People who haven’t visited this place don’t understand.  They think the colors in the paintings and pictures are surreal, fake or exaggerated. And, it is impossible to appreciate the true beauty until it is seen and experienced." And, he is right.  There are no words.

The only other natural phenomenon I can think of that comes close to describing this deep blue line is the rainbow created in the air after it rains.  And again, the energy of light and the properties of water in the atmosphere combine to create this wondrous sight. 

Scientifically, assuming that light travels in rays allows us to understand light geometrically.  Pierre de Fermat, a mathematician, theorized in 1657 the simple principle that light follows a path that minimizes travel time.  When a light ray “hits” a water droplet, some of the light passes through the water, some of the light enters the droplet and some of the light is reflected.  The light that enters the droplet will be refracted since the speed of light through water is less than the speed of light through air. It then hits the other side of the droplet where some of it will exit and is transformed into color. The rest will reflect back. 

Finally the light, which exits transformed, will be seen by the observer.  The varying wavelengths of light determine the color of light and the corresponding angles of the outgoing rays.  In summary, light hitting water droplets is refracted and reflected into the observer's eyes. Each color of light is most tightly focused when it comes from a certain angle, which corresponds to the "rainbow angle" for that color.  What we then observe is a beautiful arc of varying colors in the sky.

The same principle applies to the natural phenomenon I observed in the Pacific Ocean only certain variables are included, primarily, the depth of the Ocean at a given point.  I was told by a dear woman whom I now consider a friend, that the deep blue thin line on the water at the horizon represents the point at which the ocean becomes deeper off the coast of Oahu.  “If you’ll notice”, she pointed out, “that’s where all of the ships and boats are sailing.  That’s where the ocean becomes deep enough for them to sail safely”.  Which also explains the variety of colors observed between the shore and the deep indigo blue line.  The exception is red.  Red appears on the top of a rainbow because it has the lowest frequency and the longest wavelength of all the different colors of light.  Therefore, it must not be reflected or refracted from the ocean water or at least that’s my conclusion.  But the Ocean floor is basically shallow off the coast and features various reefs and rocks.  The reefs and rocks transform the incoming waves into the pure white breakers that challenge many a surfer there.

How does all of this relate to us individually as beings of transformation?  As beings of transformation, we are being exposed to an immense infusion of Light in rays of varying wavelength.  The amount of Light we receive is in direct proportion to the amount of Light we are able to receive.  This is why removing and releasing self-imposed boundaries becomes so important.  The more we release our individual programmed patterns of behavior that keep us shallow, the deeper we become.  And, the deeper we are, the more Light we can absorb.  Like water, some of the Light we receive is reflected, some enters and transforms us and some exits transformed.  The Light infuses us and we become pure energy. Each of us maintains a rainbow, our aura, which is a reflection of our own personal Light energy.  We each exude a natural rainbow not unlike the rainbow we see in the atmosphere after it rains. 

The definition of the word horizon is two fold; it is the point at which the earth meets the sky and also is defined as the limit of one’s experience.  The deep blue line appears across the horizon on the Pacific Ocean as the Sun is brightest overhead each day.  Once our experiences are broadened, our old programming released and our Light shines the brightest like the Sun at midday, the deep blue indigo line will appear on our own personal horizon stretching across as far as the eye can see.  A “line” representing the depth of our own personal ocean of unconditional Love in Indigo Blue or Deep Violet; the color of Higher Self.  A “line” that connects us through Life Force to all that IS as the illusion of separation falls away.  There are no words to describe the beauty of this experience.  And, like the Pacific Ocean off the Southern Coast of the Island of Oahu it must be experienced to appreciate and understand our own true natural beauty and purpose.

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