Monday, August 13, 2012

Time, Change and Becoming*

Interestingly as I re-read it** this evening, a few things struck me as to the description I've heard from people lately of time and space and its perceived elasticity. Reading Debbie's description of her experiences she posted and her observations of dimensional anomalies and time jumps - of which we've all experienced in one form or another or we wouldn't be on these groups - as well as my own and others comments and experiences, prompted me to reflect and re-read some material on the subject, as well as, parts of McKenna's book.

I'm not a professional in the field of science or quantum theory - I'm just writing down my observations and understandings. First, I observe that our solar system and Universe (as far as we can observe it) have a few things in common. First, most everything seems to be round and spinning; round and spinning, and spinning around other seemingly central round and spinning objects which seem to be inside other round and spinning objects. An example of this would be the Milky Way, our solar system in the Milky Way and our planets within our solar system.

In observing this, it's easy to understand the PHI wave - the golden mean spiral - the spiral of life itself - or at least of physical form in our 3-dimensional existence; the inside of a nautilus shell, a pine cone, the wave measured by EKG when our heart feels compassion or Love, for example. If we observe the Milky Way from space it forms a definite spiral and we have our little place in it. We've come to realize that we each possess DNA which forms a double helix or spiral.

Terrence and Dennis make some strong points regarding time and space.
First, we have come to measure time in our 3-dimensional existence from a central point which the majority of the masses accept. We accept the method of measuring time in a linear fashion from the central point of the birth of Christ so that all time before that time was leading up to that point and all time after that time is leading away from that point thus implying a beginning and an end. 
If all life in its form all around us is spiraling, round and spinning, then why do we measure time in a flat, linear fashion? It seems contrary to the nature of nature all around us. As Terrence puts it, "such a leading of energy toward a center can only lead to transformation." I personally don't perceive it as energy leading toward a center - but perceive the center point as a significant landmark for which to measure the "before and after". Regardless, someone human put this standard*** of measurement into place and we all uphold it and accept it as correct, thus manifesting it into form in our accepted 3-dimensional existence.

Second, citing the work of Leidenfrost - a German physician back in the 1800's who studied the point of first contact of matter and anti-matter and the closure of linear distance of it in three dimensions, Terrence refers to the phenomenon discovered as a drop of liquid hits a hot surface. The Leidenfrost phenomenon demonstrates that a layer of steam forms between the drop and the hot surface to insulate the droplet and slow down its evaporation. Other scientists surmised that when matter and anti-matter meet they cancel one another out. The Leidenfrost phenomenon demonstrates that, reasoning by analogy, the "canceling out event" would be slowed and small in scale due to the insulation created. Could 3 dimensional reality BE that insulation between the annihilation event? Could our existence in this insulation be simply that moment in a car accident when time slows down into nanosecond increments?

If not, then in dimensional collapse when matter and anti-matter meet, what is the "steam"?

It's no secret that we, in our 3-dimensional existence, slice up "time" in past, present and future when really all that exists is NOW - this moment. When faced with the notion that past and future are only determined by this moment our minds go spinning off, fighting to grasp that concept. As we perceive time to accelerate toward an "end point", an ideology imposed by man many centuries ago - could this elasticity we are experiencing simply be the crumbling of the illusions on which we base our reality and the nature of our true existence, in its multi-faceted dimensional beauty, bleeding through?

*Time Change and Becoming is the title of a chapter out of Terrence and Dennis McKenna's book, The Invisible Landscape. 
**referring to a thread from a group in a discussion about time anomalies
***referring to linear time measurement