Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ultraterrestrial Intervention

Many years ago I experienced an extremely low point in my life, in order to make sense of the maelstrom I found myself within, I decided to literally “go walk about” for about eight hours or so. I walked and walked until I ended up alone around midnight after going miles down a long beach near enough to where I lived then. There was nobody else around, the night was quite stormy outside and I remembered getting a certain degree of harmony from the disturbed wild and recurrent violent crashing of the waves. The moon was flickering madly in and out between the motions of the clouds being swept like drunken sailors from the door of some tavern, out eastwards across the sea. In the midst of this turmoil I decided I want out - I didn't want to look back at the land from whence I came - I just wanted to be free from the petty, nasty, trivial minded people that seemed to be so much with me in those days, however, I felt no hatred or even anger towards them.

Then suddenly the storm abated and cleared and a huge luminous, perfectly symmetrical triangle shaped craft appeared directly above my head - it was a pure silvery colour - and I couldn't discern any type of engine or noise of any type, and I was just struck by how beautiful it seemed. In addition the remaining clouds circled about it as the moon illuminated them from behind, which was amazing. I don't recall how long I remained looking at it, but after a while it transformed itself in two sets of huge "feather" cotton wing shapes before it just gradually faded away.

I returned to the spot a few times later and on one occasion I found an “almost” symmetrical black shaped triangle rock near the spot where I saw the craft, which I've kept to this day. In relation to this rock, I found sometime later, again almost by accident, an article about an Indian tribe in America who had a myth about visitors from other dimensions and their relationship with their so-called triangular black shaped rocks which are holy to them; they had a picture of one of these rocks, and it seemed very like the one I have, and its shape looked a lot like an Indian painting of one of their crafts. The whole experience was a very profound one - and to this day I believe, it changed the manner in which I understand “reality” - reality became something more fluid, and more open to other possibilities beyond our normal comprehension than before; yet despite this I also came to be less subjected to the whole realm of emotions that can drive a person to the edge - luckily in my case - something greater intervened.