Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Children of the Gods

"It was difficult to imagine them"- they used words just like these to communicate with each other. "Words indeed" what strange creations he thought, and, tried, difficult as it was for his race to comprehend the shape, contour and motion of such symbols. Nevertheless, he endeavoured further, motioning within the galo-sphere whom all members of his race communed through, the scaled rexus over the symbols, lingering initially over "2", which he suddenly comprehended as a torus then the "0" formed into a hyper-zolid, one of most remarkable properties in their geometry, the "1" a xisc, and back and forth, he touched lightly the final "2" with his rexus, forming instantly the torus again. "Did they sound like these too" came the plase - however, his partner had already begun to discern a glimpse, like the pulses of radio waves they often observed, light-years before they reached a new star-system, a type of pattern would always form in advance of any possible nous, faintly initially, until with time, or cha as they undertood it, they would mould through the galo-sphere a multi-versed hologram of the entire nous they were approaching to investigate. However, on this star where they had recently arrived and gained in advance a complete holographic impression of the entire forms of nous from their galo-sphere, everything seemed to be missing, or displaced, by some great cosmic event ....."It is difficult to imagine" understood the younger of the two, known in his own symbols simply as ER. He stood and looked out far across the empty landscape, until his vision met the contours of the black, heavy eroded mountains and the red drifting sands ....."Strange, they would say, this should be other than it is" came the plase from his colleague, JEV, who was something of an expert in deciphering the linguistic structures of primitive cultures ..... he seemed to almost smile, if such a thing was actually possible for a philovian!