Friday, September 14, 2012

The Deep Blue Event Horizon

"Every man and woman is a star(A. Crowley) 
"As long as you still experience the stars as something above you, you lack the eye of knowledge(F. Nietzsche)
"We are made of star stuff" (C. Sagan).

In my practice there is a saying, viz., that the body of the totality-as-such is always teaching, incessantly, without ever a moment amiss, and that everything, i.e., everything, contains everything in perfect interfusion.  It is a Mandala, Hologram comportment to reality. There never was a time when the elements of being came to be as the habitual mentation of logico-material causation would "chreodally" dictate; things always were and will be, in unfixed flux, taking on one form or another, carrying with themselves Nonlocal quantum fields of incomprehensibly primordial information of the Cosmos.  

One of Planet Buddha's writers wrote of her interpretation of the deep blue line of the oceanic horizon, an interpretation which brought behaviors of natural spectra, nature, and the ocean together into the realm of personal learning.  It bespeaks to me of viewing reality as a living, teleological intelligence, which is the correct comportment.  After all, aren't you alive?

Where heaven meets earth, where Cosmos meets the Aeon of Aquarius, that nexus is the horizon.  The deep blue horizon is a phenomenon relative to time and space in situ, and if we were to turn our gaze inward upon the empirically invisible landscape, we could, with respect to being in the correct vantage-point, experience that horizon.  I want to point out a twofold aspect of that horizon --- they are not mutually exclusive --- with respect to space and time: 1) the nexus of Earth and Cosmos (space), and 2) the nexus of the shift to a new Aeon (time).  That Nexus which is within is the third synergistic aspect of spacetime combined, our inner frequency harmonizing with that of the Cosmos.  

Both 1) and 2), as mentioned, are interfused in the third synergy, which is our mind, resonance, and body.  The second aspect is very specific (and paradoxically general at the same time), however, and it pertains to the particular time at which a "shift" will occur, and interestingly enough, nothing can be known beyond that inner horizon, because it is, after all, a horizon; at the juncture, the nexus called the present, we can only infer that what lies beyond the horizon is the Chaotic whorl of unformed history with its attractors busily bifurcating in processes of teleological creativity.  As to what those processes will unfold, here is a little tidbit of advice: Involute and resonate, whatever your method may be, but make sure you love a lot and laugh a lot.