Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Living Seed

Have a glance at this Hubble ultra-deep field photography, and let your mind imagine the ineffable gargantuan-ness of the Cosmos.  The earth is not even a microdot, not even a quark, in comparison to its enormity.  Why, the word 'enormity' and 'gargantuan' and 'colossal' and so on don't cut the muster, there's simply no word to describe the scope of the Cosmos, except to say that it is, rather tautologically, Cosmic.

People have been exalted in their own self-importance,  they take pride in their race, they are imbued in the hubris of human achievements and civilization, in the nobility of their ideologies. They speak of religions, and fight over which one is the true religion, or they embrace ideologies for the control of facets of human collectivity.  They speak of this and that, and then they pit themselves against each other, go to war, kill, lynch, torture, and forfeit their humanity, and fall to destinations of reptiles, viruses, powerless hordes of confused fields of mindstreams, and psychotic hell beings.  They speak of the godlessness of homosexuality and they speak of colors of skin, they speak of legitimacy of denizenship, and label fellow human beings as aliens and illegals.

But look upward.  Look at that vastness.  What does anything matter?  What does any of that matter? It's not even worth a thought.  Not even worth a wisp of a thought of a thought ad infinitum.  Nothing is important, whatsoever.

So what, then?  What do we do?  Is Nihilism correct, after all?  Is life just a random, meaningless YOLO interim between nothingness and nothingness?  In the scope of light years, the span of human existence is equivalent to a Planck instant.  Every span of existence conceivable coalesces into that fundamental unit, and does not go beyond it, because there is infinity before, and infinity after.  And in the light of infinity, even a span of googolplex eons is equivalent to a Planck instant.

So what, then?  Does anything matter at all, in the scheme of such incomprehensible vastness?   And the same principle holds for the infinitude of space; the vastness of galaxies of galaxies of ultra-galaxies ad inifinitum would be equivalent to the "size" of a massless photon.

Let us say we embrace the anthropic cosmological principle.  It's a debunking thing about universal teleology, because purpose, say, in biology, can be telescoped down to the minutest activities of life, also.  So the enormity of purpose of the Cosmos is equivalent to the smallest "unit" of teleological activity detectable in organisms.  What would such an activity be?  It would also be contained, then, in that massless unit of space, and in that smallest unit of time, all as one.  Call it a Singularity, an Omega-point, a Cosmic Bindu, a Seed; it is space, it is time, it is life.  It's all there.

The Cosmos has telos, and so it is creative.  It creates its appreciators, its observers, its fellow-creators, its own embodiments that interweave with the resonance of its Cosmic heartbeat.  It creates with its Life Force, which is the driving force of Love.  And it is from this appreciation, from this gratitude, from this ecstatic joy, wonder, and Cosmic Orgasm that the individuated is lifted out to find its sublimated mode of being, to be as the Cosmos as such, to bring all seeming polarities back together somehow.  All of the above is Love, which is the Passion of the Cosmos, the glue that binds, the aspiration that aspires, protects, and rejoices.  Even the minutest, most imperceptible act of Love contains, then, the Love of the entire Cosmos.  There is no difference.

So every time you understand that you are the Cosmos, you are correct.  It is only your individuated ego that confines you to the limitations of your space, time, and creativity; Love is the field of the Life Force, ego is its tool, but when ego runs the show, the cart is put before the horse. In every stage of awakening you experience, it is the awakened Cosmos that you are awakening unto; there is no difference.  So size does not matter, duration does not matter.  It is paradoxical and ironic that quantity, when it reaches infinitude, abrogates itself.