Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Went to the store this evening and as I was driving thorough our familiar neighborhoods, I noticed that most houses have no Halloween decorations or lights.  Since a few years ago, the decorations and festivities have gotten less and less, and now, there's practically nothing out there.  It's somewhat disheartening and unnerving at the same time.  

Here's what I think is going on in the field of the collective subconscious.  People have it in mind of the impending "doomsday" of Dec 21, 2012.  So just in case the One True God makes His advent and finds displeasure in people having dabbled in "satanic" stuff, they're hedging their bets and keeping their decorations packed in the garage.  I started feeling this trend happening since a few years back, and this year is the most "minimalist" I've ever experienced.  I gave it the benefit of the doubt a few years during Halloween, thinking that perhaps people are saving on electricity and extraneous purchases, but come Yuletide, i.e., Christmas, it gets done up to the hilt.

If the god of public worship is such a petty Titan as to cast their souls to eternal hellfire and damnation for celebrating Halloween, or for homosexuality, or for being a liberal, or for not supporting the NRA, or for not believing in the piece of ancient, Middle Eastern real estate title deed (etc.) called the bible, and so on as the list of insanities go on, then existence as such would be frightful indeed.  

May the tyranny of fundamentalism, scientism, and every form of ideological zealotry be sublimated; may their filth and poisons be turned to alchemical Gold.  May people once and for all say Fuck It, and live joyfully as citizens of the Cosmos, and grow into becoming evolved, wise NeoSapiens, as awakened custodians of the planet.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Modes of Hermeneusis

For our intents and purposes, we can distinguish three different modes of interpretation, i.e., interpretation as phenomenological hermeneusis pertaining to any object, phenomenon, noumenon, thought apperceived, and of course, of text, aesthetics, values, and transcendence.   If ontological relativity with respect to universes of discourses were clearly delineated between two "competing" paradigms as object of debate, there would be no debate, and there would be mitigation of conflict. Without the objects of debate, there could only be recourse to ad hominem name-calling, perhaps sometimes well deserved, but such all-too-human matters are outside the scope of paradigms themselves, outside the scope of ideas and apparatuses of ideas.  One could present a well researched dissertation to an adherent of an ideological system, which clearly, logically, and soundly presents arguments contrary to the adherent's ideological system.  But an ignorant ad hominem attack would end the matter swiftly, which is the way of the Neo-Neanderthal.  When I was a preacherboy, I ran into this problem.  I wanted to share everything I had learned with my fundie peers, to relieve them of their burden of having to believe, of being spiritually blackmailed into believing, preposterous nonsense as articles of faith.  But fat chance of success there.  In all eventuality I became the infidel pariah the faithful flock would suspiciously glance upon from the corner of their eye.

So, the first mode of hermeneusis: the literal.  This is the most elementary level, or mode, of any kind of interpretive activity, and it's also the domain of scientific observation and scientific "debunking."  It is the mode of referring to confluences of meaningful events and objects as random "coincidence" and pareidoliaThis mode is the same in both fundamentalism and science, as it pertains to the most basic, commonly shared level of literal understanding (without interpretation), face value, and empirical perception.  It is rather ironic that religious fundamentalism and scientism are so at odds when they are both of the same mode of hermeneusis, i.e., the most common, basic, default-level apprehension-apperception.

The second mode: the subtle.  The subtle goes beyond the literal and empirically descriptive to another level of universality.  The literal and perceptual become signs, signposts, symbols, metaphors, synchronicities, and communications of supramundane teleological processes at work.  

The third mode: the sublimated.  The first and second modes are not precluded, but subsumed into a nondual whole which has its own synergy that comes together on a personal level.  Call it "experiential," epiphanic, mystical, shamanic, and so on. 

Mode 1: I see foliages which make a face that looks like the Green Man.  
Mode 2: Nature is speaking to me somehow, of its consciousness and some kind of exigency.
Mode 3: I recollect all related instances, puzzle-pieces begin to fit together, I become one with the Green Man as nature speaks to me in consonance with my fields that interweave with morphic fields of nature.  

And so on.  Scientific debunking, "paranormal" ghost-hunt debunking, and so on, begin and end in Mode 1.  Which is fine because Mode 1 is the domain of "common sense" and socially normative, acceptable "reason."  However, it's a default level.  The common error is when this level, this mode, is raised to being the apex of all hermeneusis.  It's the error of fundamentalism and scientism in which anything outside their procrustean box is spurious twaddle, poppycock, and at worst, "heresy." The common denominator is not the apex, it's the crude, gross, dense, and basic.  

Monday, October 29, 2012

Mercury Retrograde, Presidential Election, and Hurricane Sandy - Direct Hits

Just as the "Perfect Storm" inundates the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, another perfect storm is brewing equally as ominous.

For the first time in United States history, election day falls as Mercury begins its retrograde movement, known as stationary retrograde. The exact moment will be later in the day on November 6th causing some astrologists to believe it will be no big deal. Logically, it would seem so with many voting early. One only need observe the long lines at the Post Offices on April 15th, however, to understand that the majority of us will be racing to the polls at the last hour.

Anyone who pays attention to Mercury's retrograde activity is familiar with its similarities to Murphy's Law and can't be readily dismissed as coincidence. Essentially "whatever can go wrong, will (or might)". The last election affected by a MR period was the Bush/Gore election of 2000. Remember the hanging chads and the delay? The difference between that election and this one is that it fell on the last day of MR, known as stationary direct.

So what is Mercury Retrograde? The planet Mercury is named after Mercury, the swift-footed messenger of the Roman Gods who is comparable to the Greek God, Hermes. Clad in winged sandals he ruled commerce and trade, travel and communications. An appropriate name for our first planet from the Sun since it swiftly orbits three times per year - faster than all others.

Mercury, in its retrograde period lasts approximately three weeks and occurs three times per year. During this time it appears to move backward through the zodiac. Passing between the Earth and the Sun, the visual of moving in a retrograde (directed or moving backward) direction should have no affect on us. It's only a perception. However, it consistently wreaks havoc on travel plans, communication and in more recent decades, electronics.

The two weeks prior to its retrograde station and two weeks following its direct position are called the shadow phase. It begins to have an effect on us similar to the outer bands of a hurricane hitting land. We're in that period now.

What are typical results? Miscommunication, confusion, delays, and re-do's. Astrologers caution not to sign contracts or begin something new (unless you like re-doing) and explain that it's a good time to re-organize, plan and generally wait-it-out. It's always important to check and re-check travel plans, appointments and to communicate clearly. And, it doesn't hurt to tune-up electronics and equipment prior to its approach.

With regard to the upcoming election, it is imperative that election officials, volunteers, and all involved check and re-check everything from equipment to communications. They may anyway but it's even more important to do so this time.

The subject entered my radar over the weekend as I struggled to complete a project and had to re-do it three times. I caught myself muttering, "Geez, you'd think it was Mercury Retrograde!" As that exclamation left my lips I thought, " may BE Mercury Retrograde". I did a search and found that astrologers have been buzzing about this since Spring. And, that sure enough, we're in the shadow phase with it set to begin on November 6th.

A direct hit? Synchronistically as I thought of that phrase, I heard it repeated out of the mouth of a news anchor reporting on Hurricane Sandy. Foreshadowing always causes a creeping chill to emerge and I can imagine no "creepier" foreshadow for this election than this "hurricane wrapped in a n'oreaster" as weather experts describe Sandy.

My prediction? Don't be surprised if the election itself is delayed. Imagine thousands of voting polls destroyed by this devastating storm. In one week's time, power may still be down in hundreds of cities across dozens of States. And, temporary voting polls may not be able to be created in such a short time.

Mercury Retrograde is always challenging while it lasts, during any of its regular phases. Storms and inclement weather are challenging as well, but combine them with a cold front, they become complicated and dangerous; it's chemistry for Chaos, as would be in combining a struggling economy, a close race, and a natural disaster with a Presidential Election. We find a series of "Direct Hits" that might make this specific Mercury Retrograde period the most notorious in U.S. History.

Timewave Graph October 28 29 30

Out of respect for the upcoming Storm in the U.S., I am not going to interpret this graph as it rises to Habit. The gross dimension of interpretation and divination is to search outwardly; if there is a correlation-consonance of within to without, then that's the ticket, but if there is a dissonance, that's another story. The subtle dimension is the inward resonance and consonance that find correlations with the outer. There's more to be experienced beyond the five senses; take the next step of involution.  

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kant and the Matrix of Reality

Space is not an empirical concept which has been derived from outer experiences. For in order that certain sensations be referred to something outside me (that is, to something in another region of space from that in which I find myself), and similarly in order that I may be able to represent them as outside and alongside one another, and accordingly as not only different but as in different places, the representation of space must already underlie them [dazu muß die Vorstellung des Raumes schon zum Grunde liegen]. Therefore, the representation of space cannot be obtained through experience from the relations of outer appearance; this outer experience is itself possible at all only through that representation. Immanuel Kant

Kant more often than not can be a very difficult Philosopher to understand- however beneath the voluminous layers of concepts, categories and suppositions one can at times discern a few threads of gold. Kant's above point is so obvious that it doesn't seem necessary to state it once more, yet, how often does a person fail to register the simple ontological fact that simply everything we perceive while we live and breath every moment is in space, there is absolutely nothing that is not in space in some form. The whole Cosmos is in space, the World and all the people you've ever known were or are still indeed in space, the Mona Lisa is in space, Beck is in space, yesterday, today and tomorrow are in space, yet when I sleep each night, my mind returns for the first time to a place which is not purely in space, instead my consciousness comes to inhabits a representation of a particular or unique type of unconditioned space, called the imagination, the place of dreams, of stories, of profundity and banalities, a realm strictly outside of space and time as we know them. It seems often that this unconditioned non-physical representation of the world seems to exist like vacuum that is filled up every night with all the unregistered notes that we must consciously encounter everyday of our lives.

However what's really unorthodox about Kant's ideas on space and time is that he believed both were pure constructs or intuitions of our minds, and, that outside of our privileged singular first person view of reality regarding everyday experiences, there  really is no space or time, and that it's  our consciousness that imposes this sense of order upon everything we perceive in the world. Kant's view has oddly enough found more and more support over the years, with people like David Deutsch and Roger Penrose generally accepting this state of affairs, which means that as sentient beings who go about our lives everyday in the world, that we rather oddly move through this world without ever really experiencing as it really exists. We literally have no idea or comprehension of what reality really is when it's in a state that is not mediated through some class of conscious being. 

In the movie, The Matrix, a form of this approximation is played out, however, even here the blue-print of actual reality exists "off-line" in a form situated within a form of space-time manipulated by humanity's evil controllers.  But Kant is even more radical than this- what he says is that there is, literally, no such thing as space or time apart from what our consciousness imposes on reality, a reality which conversely is entirely dependent upon us for its sense and order of reality. It seems that our minds grasp reality as a holographic image that has its foundations elsewhere- reality seems to be pure act of imagination that has no independent existence apart from us, or some class of conscious beings who impose the holographic blue-print, including space and time to everything they perceive. It's a strange and difficult thought experiment to imagine nevertheless a world or a state of existence that is not situated in space and time, only I suspect because these two conditions are the very hallmarks of consciousness itself- even when we sleep yet again the next morning, miraculously, we find our unique unitary self intact again because of the connection between consciousness, time and space, even if in reality do don't actually exist! If such a scenario is indeed true then it would also imply that we will always be ignorant of reality in its ultimate state, but also, it means that in an ultimate sense that we were never really born, that we never really lived, and that we'll never really die- all is but mere appearances-  the imagination as William Blake intimated in many of his works- is infinite- but perhaps we should say, not beyond the confines of space and time- as transcending these two conditions would be indeed tantamount to transcending (or ending) of one's own self- the true existential end-point.

Memorably in one of the Star Trek movies, the ultra Logician Spock quibbles profusely with Bones about the lyrics of the song "Row, Row your boat merrily down the stream....merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a Dream!"  His Vulcan intellect could not comprehend the notion of reality being a dream, however, that's in reality what it may be, if we understand Kant's very modern Holographic image of reality.


Case No.5129 Conclusion

On October 6, 2012, I arrived at the home of "Ann" and her son at approximately 9:00pm. "Ann" had previously left her residence and went to stay with friends due to the activity in the house.  Her original report to me indicated that she was experiencing black shadows that would wake her family up in the middle of the night as well as the figure of a man that could walk through walls and also appeared to be black with no discernible features.

The purpose of my involvement in this investigation was to prove or disprove the presence of shadow people or a shadow person in "Ann's" home. 

Investigative Tools: EVP Recorder ("Ann" did not give permission for video or photo evidence collection.)

Journal Log

I had several personal experiences during the night I spent in "Ann's" home. I chose to sleep in the guest bedroom where the hub of the activity was reported to be. I fell asleep easily and noticed nothing unusual about the room. It was clean, nothing out of place and no clutter that could be seen. There were no exposed wires or anything else out of place that could possibly hinder my investigation.

I woke up about 2 hours after falling asleep. Upon opening my eyes I saw what looked like, 2 Shadow People turning away from the bed and walking away. I found it strange though that I did not get that heavy feeling in my chest that normally accompanies the presence of Shadow People.  I got out of bed and followed them of course, but found nothing.  This was the only visual experience I had during the night.

Throughout the night, I experienced many, many sounds going on inside the home that I could not explain. I heard thumping, scratching and something that sounded like paper being flipped. I combed through every room of the house as well as outside to try and discern what could have been making the noises. "Ann" did not have any pets. There was no one in the home but me. I could not find any tree branches that could have been scratching on the roof. There was no traffic and no evidence of mice or other animals in or outside of the home.

Due to the noises, I decided to conduct 3 EVP sessions in the home, with "Ann's" permission.  The first session was quiet and was taken in the living room area. The second session however was not quiet. Upon review of the file, the same sounds I was hearing throughout the night had been picked up by the recorder. The thumping, scratching, paper-like sounds go on for a little over 4 minutes.

Please know, this file has not been edited, not even for background noise. I believe in presenting raw evidence so you can draw your own conclusions.

After reviewing my journal entries for the night as well as my personal experiences along with the EVP evidence, I do NOT believe that shadow people are present in the home. If there is one fact about Shadow people that I know without a doubt it is that they Always Make Themselves Known. My conclusion is that "Ann" has at least 2 non-malevolent ghosts in her home. I advised her that they are harmless to her or her son. I gave her instructions on how to cleanse her home of the entities if she so chooses and advised her to contact me again if she has any further trouble after the cleansing.

Case No. 5129: Closed 

Shadow Angel Case No. 5129

Case No. 5129 is a case that is close to my heart. This is also my newest case. This is a case involving a single mother and a child. They live locally and have spoken with me in depth about their experiences.

The mother, who has asked me not to give her or her child's name, reported to me that the hub of the activity seems to be in one of two guest bedrooms. She reports that when family members come to stay the weekend, many of them have reported that they wake up in the middle of night to see a line of figures standing near the bed looking down on them as they sleep. The mother who for the purposes of this investigation, I will now call "Ann", stated to me that one night, she decided to sleep in that same guest bedroom to find out if the same thing would happen to her.

She reported that she awoke with a heavy feeling in her chest at approximately 2:15am and when she looked up there was what appeared to be a very large man, all black, no features, standing near the bed looking down on her. She stated that she no sooner looked at him and he turned and walked through the wall. She reported to me that she stayed up the rest of the night feeling scared to death. She said that when her son woke up around 6:00am that morning, he asked her "mommy, who was that man in my room last night"?

"Ann" gathered clothes for herself and son and is currently staying at a friend's house until my investigation is complete.

"Ann" has asked that I not film or photograph any part of her house because she does not want anyone in her family to think she is crazy but she has given me permission to do EVP work and I will be spending the night in the house. During the night, I will keep a journal of my experiences and findings. If I do find shadow people or a shadow person, I will do what is necessary to have it leave unless it is a Protector Type 1.  (If you do not know what a "Protector Type 1" is please see my post - What Are Shadow People .)

My laptop will be with me and I will be continuously recording while in the home. I will update this blog periodically throughout my investigation.

Thank you for reading. Please post any questions, comments or suggestions below. As always, if you would like to talk with me or request that I investigate your location please email to or tweet to me @truthshadows

Shadow Angel ~  

Friday, October 26, 2012

Huge, Silent, Triangle Aircraft Black Diamond, WA Lake.

This spacecraft, UFO, military prototype call it what you will, looks very familiar to me. Strange, after I saw a craft like this many years ago, I returned the next day to the exact spot and found a black, almost perfectly triangular rock on the ground- which oddly enough looks as though it's made from purified Black Diamond. How odd can you get!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Velocity of October 2012

I've been following the month-long writing-blogathon of my friends and fellow admin / writers of Planet Buddha here, and have been impressed by their having stuck to their guns in posting at least one post daily starting October 1.  Inspired by their energy, I tried doing the same on my own, but I've found that writing a post (at least one post, sometimes more) a day is not easy!  So my hats off to our fellow travelers!  

Going back to the topic of the month of October, by the way, where did the month go?  Where is Autumn going?  Is it dashing headlong toward Summer?  I can't seem to get a foothold on the season, and I'm not the only one who's noticed the trend. I haven't had a moment since the Autumnal Equinox to sit back, sip pumpkin latte, light some candles and incense, and enjoy the ambience of Autumn and approaching Samhain-Halloween.  Even our neighborhood is almost devoid of lights and decorations.  

I believe this sense of being unable to stop and smell the roses, as it were, is just a reflection of this time we're in, it's the Zeitgeist of our nation, and perhaps of the entire globe.  As I post the timewave graphs every three days or so, I feel the buzzing, chaotic ebb and flow of fields of all kinds of influences.  Sometimes those waves of multifarious signals cancel each other out, and communication suffers.  There's also a gnarly flu going around, which doesn't help the sense of things going all too fast for leisure and enjoyment.  Heck, nowadays when I sit on the sofa for an hour and vegetate watching an episode of Chopped, it feels like a holiday!  At least I'm learning how to enjoy "micro-vacations."  

Autumn is our favorite season, and it's going all too fast like a souped up video in fast motion. What a time. Let's all hang in there! I write this as a shout out to my friends here.  Wishing you all warmth and coziness ...


Timewave Graph October 25 26 27

Starting tomorrow (October 26), Franklin and Watkins rise together to habit while Sheliak buzzes in novelty-habit flux.  As time and resonances all around us become more chaotic, noisy, if you will (c.f. John Sheliak's article), as we approach the maximum (or minimum with respect to the graph (12/21/2012, 0)) with respect to "phase transition," we might enter extreme states of ever increasing torpor and turbidity, as if we're wading through mollasses, and on the other hand, we might have moments of unusually acute, crystalline clarity that cuts through it all.  You could say the new Aeon has already been born, and it's currently at the stage of finding its teleological bearings and foothold in history.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

VALIS: Doorway to the Cosmos

Real meaning sometimes only comes to us through leakage- unlike the speed of light it's perhaps possible that the speed of information transfer between two points at opposite ends of the Cosmos is instantaneous, difficult as this may be for us to imagine, information, quite possibly might not be confined by our normal notions of space and time. In this pivotal sense information has no past or future tense, yet it doesn't mean that it's eternal, Platonic and dispassionately unchanging, but rather it seems to be infinite in its possibilities which are played out in our dimensionally constructed Cosmos. In a real sense all information originally exists in a highly undetermined state of being, and, it only becomes determined as a new and novel form of knowledge by the interactions within and indeed between living beings through its manifold matrices- and not just human beings, but all forms of life across the Cosmos, that have or indeed will come to fruition at some stage somewhere in the vast Cosmos we observe every night. Nothing seems to be formally determined in advance- all the options are there- every event has multiple outcomes where whole historical epochs in human history or branches in evolutionary history of a species or even the future of an entire planetary system can be determined by how we both collectively and singularly interact with this information. The propagation of Novelty is probably exceedingly rare at these junctures- as the forces of instinct, habit and conditioned response are immense- and perhaps it's only during exceptional instants caused by the breaking down of these forces as a result of our innate need, as in times of catastrophic natural disasters, or, under extreme stress in wars, or, in genuine states of openness and detachment that this information that we are constantly subjected to is actually converted into the Novelty of new forms of knowledge and insight, where a feedback loop is actually created and where information becomes highly determined into something completely different and new, perhaps entirely unique.

The Cosmos in some key sense seems to be constructed for this express purpose- even if 99.99% of all interactions across the Cosmos produce nothing new- it seems that whatever intelligence actually in-forms life at these junctures, that it's willing to wager this for the 0.01% that it needs and perhaps desires for its own development (or evolution) as a supreme creative entity. Perhaps it too registers in completely novel ways much of the 99.99% of the information that doesn't seem go anywhere or become determined as something new due to habit etc, as something it learns from, and uses again in it designs. The whole idea behind Jung's Mandalas and the notions surrounding Karma and Reincarnations seem to suggest that the Cosmos and the information that inheres in it and us seems to flow, like the meandering course of a majestic river, over a huge quantity of Times, Spaces, Lives, Beings, in order for it to get the outcome(s) it desires.

Certainty, this vast intelligence which Philip K Dick called VALIS, that seems to permeate all things, doesn't appear to be in a great hurry, yet Dick noted that on occasions we can literally come into contact with it in the most extraordinary ways. I too have observed this phenomena on occasions, and I call it transitional information leakage (I know it sounds a bit strange!) and usually all manner of coincidences and uncanny occurrences come into being- it's like seeing the world when all its objects are enmeshed within their own Dasein and Aura- and somehow you're able to glimpse a tiny bit of this, and, yet I think with good reason whatever the intelligence is that actually creates reality through us only allows us  "to see through a chink not too wide, for a chink too wide allows no wonder". The Cosmos is not a closed system - it allows us to marvel and even interact through it with something even greater than it, if we choose to, and, if habit has not totally closed off those royal portals to the Cosmos in us.


The Enclosed Unicorn

One of our posters on the blog here painted a beautiful picture of a black and white Unicorn about 10 days ago- I was struck immediately at the time by the expression on its face- both sad and innocent- and it simply just reminded me of what Adorno once said about Philosophy "that it is really there to redeem what lies in an animal's gaze". Since then, I've had glimpses of that expression again during the course of my daily routine- and unlike a photo which simply just is an image of a thing- a created picture is so much more and that's why it can on occasions speak volumes.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Timewave Graph October 22 23 24

Okay folks, so here's our time-flux of today and the next couple of days (note that Sheliak and Watkins waves converge at 0.000100 between October 23 and 24! This is noteworthy), but yesterday, just exactly two months before the zero-date, the man himself whose name is on the blue wave, John Sheliak aka BluSeti, posted two insight-packed articles (links: [1] and [2] (see also John's article in our Resources Library tab)) on the eschaton, singularity, novelty and what they all mean, and what they all should mean.  Do read, relish, and ruminate.  They contain practically "compressed" material that will decompress, "download" into your brain as it were.  If it means having to open your doors of perception to better apprehend distillations of decades of thought, work, and meditation, then by all means do so, whatever your method might be, because they're not easy, casual reading.  So for today I myself will say no more, and let the man do the talking.  A shout out to John!!   

Art in the Age of Technological Reproduction

"That is why nature is loved by all those people who go out in search of secret things much as the gypsies go stealing- poets and musicians and good-for-nothings, but also those who wrestle with the ultimate and most secret truths with the wakeful courage of bold ideas; they all loved nature, Goethe and Holderlin, Schubert and Mahler, Eichendorff and Nietzsche and Maupassant; all these dissimilar human beings lost themselves in order to find themselves, they found their souls, they were raised to their homelands" T.W Adorno 
Walter Benjamin's Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, envisaged a society that he believed was coming into being in the early 20th century where the reproductions of the great artworks of the past would be manufactured by the "Art's Industry" and made available to all, ushering in a second golden age for humanity. In this version of 20th century modernity, Art was meant to fully come into being, it would essentially represent a form of communal second nature for all members of society. However this never happened and today Art has largely become irrelevant to most people either through the static historical ossification process of simply "looking" at them without any historical imaginative reference, without feeling the potent understanding of their a-historical Dasein. Here we essentially loose their sense of relevance by not being with them when we observe them with our senses, in a gallery, upon the street or through the page.

The second sense of loss regarding Art's disappearance from the modern world has been the way in which it has been rectified and made pure and tame by the telos of modern technology- Which has far transcended the hoped for, but ultimately failed second nature of Art, by producing a realm of pure unmediated objects- the third nature- that does not need any Dasein in order to be- and this is the crucial difference between the second and the third natures. In addition, the third technological creation is even more removed from the Natural realm where great Artworks with all their imperfections hoped to lead mankind back towards, as under the sign of pure Techne, man is even more alienated from the Natural world, with the exception that the cunning of this third creation makes people think they belong to a community by being connected to its realm by pure object relationships-. The whole concept behind the Internet, Facebook, Reality TV programmes is to relate objects-to-objects- to form a relationship between objects that historically would have no natural relationship with each other- after a while these relationships feel unsatisfying due to the fact that there was never any sense of Dasein in the first place. The evil genius of this system is that it feeds into the whole cult of mass consumption- which allows a person to move without any commitment onto the next person or relationship like it was just another object- which essentially it is under this system, and so by the naturally in-built boredom of any object (due to its lack of dimensions) the whole dysfunctional system, built by design, keeps rolling along without check.

Heidegger noted much of this in what seems by our standards to be almost quaint, his concerns (Hydroelectric Power Stations!) in his famous "Letter on Humanism" written after the war, although he could not have imagined how much technology has become not just a great physical force to rival that of nature herself, but also now its become an insurmountable force in the mental lives of perhaps 70% of the Earth's population. And, yet we don't know what the actual outcome of all this will be? Like Heidegger's Dasein, Benjamin's famous aura too has departed from us the more we immerse ourselves into the system of pure objects, and so our true homeland along with the natural beauty of the Earth recedes off into the distant past or future once more.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Addendum to commentary on Novelty Theory, the Timewave, a singular Eschaton Event, et al.

I should point out that McKenna often used the language and current understanding of the concepts of non-linear dynamical and chaotic fractal systems to conceptualize and explain his ideas concerning Novelty Theory and the Timewave.   Yet he interpreted the Eschaton as a well defined event (singularity) defined only on midday 12/21/2012.  If one uses the very same features of non-linear dynamics that he often used to shed light on his ideas concerning specific features of Novelty Theory and the Timewave, one can then interpret, characterize and  express the Eschaton as a particular 'transitional state' or 'phase transition state' in our current spatial-temporal reality.

As an example, when Novelty is described as 'the creation and conservation of increasingly higher order states of complex form', that description is more properly aligned with the concept of non-linear systems theory and chaos, than it is aligned with other disciplines that use the concept of 'singularity'.  Even he indirectly grappled with these ideas when he described a universe that is ever complexifying, and that extreme increasing and expanding complexity is what leads to a 'singularity' at the end of time..  Yet it is that very extreme state of 'complexification' that in fact leads to a breakdown and dissolution of the system into a chaotic phase, on its way to a transforming reconfiguration into some 'emergent' state and trajectory, with possible multiple emergent states and trajectories (paths).

So instead of attempting to redefine the 'Eschaton' as a very specific event spread over time, or an extremely uncertain and/or unknown event occurring exactly on 12/21/2012, I think it is more appropriate and meaningful to describe the 'Eschaton' as a chaotic phase transition of our current system and its trajectory. Using this concept as the logical extension of Novelty Theory and the Timewave eliminates the need to have any information about the details of this chaotic phase, nor the need to pin down such a phase to one particular and very well defined date. 

Of course this also begs the question of how one could re-express the Timewave in a form that now transitions through a chaotic phase into an emergent state or states, one or more of which are likely transitions to higher ordered states and trajectories. Of course Novelty Theory itself has no terminal singular event and therefore needs no modifications or revision in order to be described in terms of non-linear systems theory and chaos.

John Sheliak
Santa Fe, NM

BluSeti's Channel

Novelty as an Imperative of Cosmic Evolutionary Process - The Creation and Conservation of Increasingly Higher-Ordered States of Complex Form

From my perspective, our planetary process is NOT a spectator sport like so many otherwise very well-meaning and aware folks would have it. If the 12/21/2012 date is to have a meaningful significance for any of us, it should at the very least include an imperative that we take responsibility for our contribution to the state and nature of the 'reality' that we inhabit and either passively or actively support.  Such a cosmos and the 'reality' in which we express ourselves, is not one that generally sweeps the passive on some grand scale to their perceived or fantasized 'promised land' ...  As far as I know, there is nothing in this cosmos worth having or experiencing that does not involve risk and us putting something of high value of ourselves 'on the line' - i.e. something of our precious asses at high risk. Usually, the greater the risk or value of what we are willing to put 'on the line', the greater the value of that which is subsequently created or experienced.

In my view, Terence may well have misinterpreted the significance of the 'zero' date as being some type of singularity.  It is far more likely that what may appear as a massive singularity is actually the chaotic phase of some highly non-linear 'fractal' system with myriad complexifying systemic features. Such a chaotic phase involving the complete breakdown and dissolution of the current system and its trajectory could very well be interpreted as a 'singularity'. This spatial-temporal fractal system has likely reached a state that is unsustainable and consequently highly unstable, and in very immediate need of some form of stabilizing 'transformation'.  For complex systems such stabilizing 'transformations' are often initiated by a systemic collapse into some chaotic phase. The 'state' and/or trajectory that is 'emergent' from such a chaotic phase is often quite sensitively dependent on a multitude of active 'input' driving forces. One possible or even likely of 'states/trajectories' is that of a system functioning in some 'higher ordered' state.

Whether one chooses the concept of 'butterfly effect' or one chooses other features of non-linear dynamical systems to evaluate the driving inputs on which the system is sensitively dependent, it is what we DO now that can and will influence the nature and order of an emergent state and trajectory. However, that does NOT mean our standing idly by in the face of the myriad challenges coming at us each and every moment of our lives at this point.   Moreover, if there indeed be state and trajectory 'bifurcations' emergent from such a chaotic phase, then it is imperative that we do our best to insure that our 'alignment' is in fact with that emergent 'state and trajectory', or paradigm that we would choose to live in ...  IMHO, a more meaningful 'Timewave' interpretation would therefore be one in which the zero crossing or 'singularity' manifesting on 12/21/2012 is far more likely to be a chaotic transitional phase leading to a 'emergent' trajectory that could includes either a bifurcation, or an Order or Dimensional shift of some kind - one that could take years or decades to 'reconfigure' ...   The 'elephant in the room' referred to herein will very likely have a major contribution to make ...

John Sheliak
Los Alamos, NM
Trencin, Sk

David Icke

"I believe that the human race has developed a form of collective schizophrenia in which we are not only the slaves to this imposed thought behavior, but we are also the police force of it."

I'm strictly speaking not a "fan" of David Icke, however, I like him a lot- and even if 50% of what he says is true- then that's important- you don't have to "believe in him" in fact he would prefer if people stopped having the need to believe in him or any other person, institution or religion.

What he's always been saying for years is simply to stop believing in all the worn out bull-shit we are constantly bombarded with from the cradle to the grave- stand up by yourself- marvel at all the wonders that are there in life- above and below the system that tries to diminish and narrow a person's consciousness. As I said before many of his ideas are certainly unconventional, but alas they do give one pause for thought, and that makes all the difference.

This Saturday, David will be broadcasting live across the Internet his second only talk in 2012 from Wembley in London. 

Brazil: The Zombies have Arrived

Sam Lowry "I only know you got the wrong man"
Jack Lint "Information Transit got the wrong man. I got the right man. The wrong one was delivered to me as the right man, I accepted him on good faith as the right man. Was I wrong?"

Consume, Conform and die, it's that simple- what more could you possibly want?

People imagine Zombies incorrectly- to me Zombies are not the flesh eating mindless corpses that stagger and wander home half legless like the masses of drunks one encounters in any British or Irish city late on a Saturday night. In George A Romero's 1968 classic, Night of the Living Dead, we first encountered this popular imagine of Zombies which owes much to Kakfa's Golem of Prague, with the exception that Kakfa's Golem was never human in the first place and seems in many distinctive ways to resemblance more the conjured up Tulpa of Tibetan traditions. Nevertheless behind Romero's Zombies one can discern elements of both Pagan and Christian mythologies- the odd fixation that the living dead have upon the feverish feeding upon the flesh of the living, the whole subtext of human sacrifice, the trance like states of the Zombies with their mute, mass, obedience joined to a common community of one grisly purpose.

In contrast, Terry Gilliam's brilliant 1985 science fiction fantasy, Brazil, also known as 1984 and a "half"  was never written or produced with the intention of being a Zombie movie. However, as I've said early, I think our ideas of Zombies and what they represent in our post-modern epoch should be seen in a more sophisticated light- as essentially Zombies are really a class of beings who can be described and predicted totally by their behaviour. Zombies don't do anything else, except behave, in one or maybe two strictly prescribed ways, and that's what really makes them frightening. In Gilliam's nightmarish film, society is reduced to a set of immutable codices- the state is constantly involved in a war against terrorism (although the authorities cannot explain what the terrorists are actually fighting for), security and police surveillance is simply a "fact of life", the citizens spend their days working in drab offices and bureaucracies where nothing really works as it should, while the rest are encouraged to shop and consume, and, get the latest "plastic surgery" treatment. What's particularly interesting about many of the characters in the film (apart from Sam, the anti-hero) is that everyone simply accepts this state of affairs in a totally "natural way", for example in one scene a bomb explodes in a fancy restaurant, killing and injuring  dozens of people, yet other people in the restaurant see it too, but never register it, and continue on "chit-chatting" about their latest plastic surgery, while they enjoy the rest of their meal. Additionally in the whole state apparatus nothing really works as it should, nobody actually knows the purpose of what they're doing everyday-  as a result the wrong people are constantly arrested and tortured, but, that doesn't matter to the torturer, as he can simply blame another part of the system, so "no-one" quite literally is ever really responsible for anything that is done or not done for that matter, so long as the Authorities get someone, anyone, to torture, that's all that is of any importance, right and wrong are totally irrelevant in such a system. Records to make right seem wrong and wrong seem right- to make 2+2=5 are a constant "self-correcting" part of the system itself. It's like cosmetic surgery!

So what could we call such a state or society? A society where people become so conditioned not to be- no to be present to anything or anyone else in their surroundings, to be totally absence in the company of millions- to register nothing except the most trivial everyday desires and needs of one's isolated being, which eventually morphs into the same conditioned morphic field everyone else feeds from, who accepts, consumes and conforms to everything they're told without exception- Zombies, surely! And Zombies (who are not dumb, like we're meant to think) control the entire system, there is no escapeing them.......!
So perhaps we should define Zombies as a class of beings who always feed from the same source- they react and behave all the same- they don't have the capacity to think or differentiate and seem to be totally devoid of any type of sensibility, they are truly the soulless in every sense of the word- and it appears their kingdom on this planet will have no end.....

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Dasein.  They've translated the term as "being there," which became the title of a book which became a movie.  It all started with Heidegger's 20-century existential philosophy for a post-Nietzschean Gott ist tot world.  I contemplated Dasein when I was devouring academic philosophy in my early twenties.  It was a concept that fit my own personal understanding, at the time, of my sense of individuation, alienation, and aloneness in the world.  Today, I feel it might be a concept worth dusting off, and reconsidering.    

F. Kafka's personally projected characters in his stories of bureaucratic nightmares and Dasein would go well together, hand in existential hand.  And add on the context of Orwellian 1984 in the background, and we got ourselves ideas relevant to 21st-century human beings of today. Having some awareness about the situation of the globe is not a bad thing, but despair could really drag us down.

It was easy for people of the day to read dystopian novels and think of them as precautionary tales, but we needn't look too far back in history to see that those futuristic, fictional dystopias had popped up everywhere around the globe.  But what if the entire globe now is dystopia?  What if everything is so interlocked into place, that even if there were peoples, millions and billions of them, who were aware of the dystopia, were powerless to stop it?  What if the people who had built the global dystopia are now powerless to stop it, because the systems in place, like Frankenstein, have taken a life of their own?  And what is the flip side to all this?  There's always a flip side.  What is it?  What's the whole picture?
Humans are Dasein caught in limbo of birth and death, and whatever happens in the limbo interim, is truly one's own existential business.  When I was a student, I experienced a waking, conscious vision.  It was a simple one.  A person, a generic biped, stood on a sphere.  The person and sphere were surrounded by infinite space.  That was all there was to the brief vision.  The vision was about being there, and that's all.  Being there, surrounded by infinite space.  Hide in the masses all we want, be entrenched all we want, nothing we do will change the existentially shocking fact, truth, that we are surrounded by infinite space.  

I hate religion, politics, and ideology. To me, they're all wrapped up in a single bundle labeled 'poison' with skull and crossbones.  Every now and then I dabble, retreat, recover, and dabble again. But I dabble, dip my toes in the water and swirl it around a bit, but I never whole-hog dive into that bottomless sea of humanity's poisons.  Neither should anyone wallow in it too much.  You are Dasein, and your immersion in the world's machineries is strictly circumstantial.  There has to be more to the Cosmos, don't you think?  

Friday, October 19, 2012

Timewave Graph 19, 20, 21

Here's the timewave graph from October 1 2012 to October 21 (highlighted version below, it can be clicked to further enlarge).  One of our timewave masters here on Planet Buddha, the very discoverer of the Franklin Wave himself (hey, can I name drop or what?  See Geoff Stray's book, the section on Zyzygyz's Brainwave), had made the observation that the few days' worth of rise to Habit might afford us a little self-reflective, get-your-shit-together breather, but it seems we got two waves diving toward novelty again on the 20th and 21st.  Franklin's keeping an even keel, slowly rising toward habit.  But remember, that we're zooming into a historical-noise-perturbed region of the timewave ... we're reaching the end of it soon.  Come check in every few days, and check in on Zyzygyz's zig-zags, among other things.

For Whom the Bell Trolls

When I was eleven or twelve almost before the Vietnam War ended, I remember being at a restaurant with my parents.  I had come across the recent edition of LIFE magazine and was leafing through its pages.  There was a large section of photographs from the Vietnam War.  There were photos of countless bodies in ditches, no longer distinguishable from each other; there was a man getting his head blown off, there was a naked young village girl terrified, crying and running away from carnage and destruction; there were more photos of blood, injury, death, and mayhem, but I just remember the impact they had on me, and don't recall the details.  Suffice it to say that the photos evinced hell on earth, literally.  

I remember being frightened and upset at the horrors of the war that so many people were protesting at the time.  I asked my father if I had to go to war too.  He said very matter-of-factly, "You're an American, you will serve your country when you turn eighteen." I was aghast and scared. So that's what was in store for me, to go to that place?  That hell on earth?  I don't believe I was alone in having had that fear and loathing about getting drafted. I remember feeling the solidarity of Youth everywhere, there was a prevailing sense of hope and unity.  The young people of the day protested, they burned their draft cards, and were very vocal, everywhere, about questioning authority, opposing oppression, upholding civil rights, and denouncing war.   

But today, in the brave new world in the year of our lord 1984 c.e., the tide has changed to the complete antithesis of how it once was.  There is a prevailing "horde-mentality" now, I see, and the people who are the most vocal, who prostest the most, and who are the most critical and involved, are the Trolls.  And most Trolls, I've found, to be the Tea Party types, the racist, bigoted types, the christo-republican types, and the fascist-youth types (or all of the above combined into one package, or admixtures thereof). They are zealous flag-wavers and patriots who fervently, fanatically believe they are doing the will of god, or some of them aren't flag-wavers at all, they're just bigots drunk on a god that hates homosexuals.  

The tactics of these Trolls are usually predictable.  Many of them are undereducated, they have poor grammar and spelling, and they resort to ad hominem as their primary mode of "activism." The somewhat more sophisticated ones (which isn't saying much) have another tactic other than relentless bashing: the tool in their impoverished, unintelligent arsenal (there's a British pun in there somewhere) is the "hypocrisy" ticket. The "hypocrisy" argument goes something like this. You, a level headed, intelligent, compassionate person might say something like: "Your bigotry cannot be in accord with the will of a loving god."  They will come back and say something like: "Your <sic> a bigot to <sic>, because you to <sic> hate us and what we stand for."  And that seems to be the be-all end-all argument that brings it all back to the contra-Troll's head.

Ignorant hordes of Trolls are running rampant, and they are the most vocal bunch.  What can you do? Fighting back is futile, debating them is futile, reasoning with them is futile.  One thing is for sure.  You should not cast your pearls to swine, lest they trample on them, and come trample over you.      

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Timewave Graph October 16, 17, 18

Last year I wrote about cosmic chreodes in super abstraction, but the bottom line was this, viz., that as we approach the event horizon, the whorl of history increases speed, until, like that coin-funnel at shopping malls, it all goes "plop" and the final cycle is complete.  Just as to what that "plop" is, no one knows.  There's speculation of course that no Novelty ingression will happen (J.M. Jenkins, 2012 Story), and that too would accord with the Black Swan principle.   As our good friend and writer Perthro said, I believe nothing, and believe everything, because belief to me --- and I think Perthro would also agree --- is subsumed (you could even say, sublimated) by knowing.  And this overarching knowing is knowledge regarding the totality as not separate from our Consciousness. 

The three waves aren't in much agreement these days, but the irony of the matter is that they, the three of them taken as a whole, perfectly reflect the perturbations of the historical whorl.  Also, we're zooming into that area that's well beyond all historical Habit, it's as if there's Novelty happening every day.  We live in interesting times, Brave New World times, 1984 times, dystopian times. What do we do, do we pave the globe to make our walk less bumpy, or do we just buy ourselves a comfy pair of shoes? It's like the dumb-guy joke, how many dumb-guys does it take to change a light bulb? 300. One to hold the bulb, and 299 to rotate the house.  That in essence is what we set out to do when there is no a priori involution.

Highlighted area = October 16, 17, 18. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I don't believe in anything, I believe in everything

I don't know when exactly it started, but it started last night.

I can't pinpoint the moment, I can't remember what it was someone said, or if it was something I saw, or heard, or read.

I just know I no longer believe.

I don't believe in anything, but I believe in everything.

That's confusing, I know.

What I mean is that there is so much to believe in, so much to learn, so much to discover, that it's hard to say that I have learned enough about the cosmos to say I can believe in anything at all.

I don't know a fraction of what is out there. There are so many theories about existence that we humans have drummed up, and yet I'm sure that there are thousands more that we are not intelligent enough nor knowledgeable enough to even comprehend, let alone imagine.

So how can I, just one human, say that I believe that the universe is any "way" at all? What do I  know?

Not much.

So no, I don't "believe" in anything. I believe in everything.

Everything is possible, however unlikely it may be.

If we "believe", then we are not allowing ourselves the ability to expand our minds, to move to new horizons, because that belief keeps us from thinking that there is more.

And wow, is there ever MORE.

We haven't even made sense of everything on our own planet, let alone figured out any of the others in our solar system. And THAT even is just a smudge in the vastness of the Milky Way galaxy, which is but a snowflake among the millions of other galaxies in the universe.

You say you "believe" in something, in just one way that things MUST operate in the universe? Well, what about everything else you don't even know about yet? Are you going to believe differently when you find out?

Not me. I don't believe in any one thing, or even all of the things I do  know about. All I want to do is learn. It may take many lifetimes to do it, millenia in fact, or this might be my only shot at doing it, this lifetime alone.

If I have to say that I do "believe" in something, because it's the only way my mind can articulate the thought of what I have yet to learn, then I say I believe in everything, every possibility. And I can't see allowing any other person to tell me that there is only one answer, the one that they proclaim is "the truth", because as far as I know, no human yet has been able to say that they know that thing called "everything".

My mind is going to stay open, free to explore and understand all the possibilities, before I ever say that I "believe".

It's a very tall order, one that I may never achieve, this "learn everything", but, I think it's better than believing.

Because then, I will know, and I will not have to "believe".

Nasa's "Deep Field" image, almost every point of light in this picture is a galaxy, each with millions of stars, and with those stars there are most likely planets, some possibly just like ours.....pretty sobering view, just to consider the sheer size and scale of the universe......and yet we "believe" we know something, anything, about it?