Sunday, October 28, 2012

Case No.5129 Conclusion

On October 6, 2012, I arrived at the home of "Ann" and her son at approximately 9:00pm. "Ann" had previously left her residence and went to stay with friends due to the activity in the house.  Her original report to me indicated that she was experiencing black shadows that would wake her family up in the middle of the night as well as the figure of a man that could walk through walls and also appeared to be black with no discernible features.

The purpose of my involvement in this investigation was to prove or disprove the presence of shadow people or a shadow person in "Ann's" home. 

Investigative Tools: EVP Recorder ("Ann" did not give permission for video or photo evidence collection.)

Journal Log

I had several personal experiences during the night I spent in "Ann's" home. I chose to sleep in the guest bedroom where the hub of the activity was reported to be. I fell asleep easily and noticed nothing unusual about the room. It was clean, nothing out of place and no clutter that could be seen. There were no exposed wires or anything else out of place that could possibly hinder my investigation.

I woke up about 2 hours after falling asleep. Upon opening my eyes I saw what looked like, 2 Shadow People turning away from the bed and walking away. I found it strange though that I did not get that heavy feeling in my chest that normally accompanies the presence of Shadow People.  I got out of bed and followed them of course, but found nothing.  This was the only visual experience I had during the night.

Throughout the night, I experienced many, many sounds going on inside the home that I could not explain. I heard thumping, scratching and something that sounded like paper being flipped. I combed through every room of the house as well as outside to try and discern what could have been making the noises. "Ann" did not have any pets. There was no one in the home but me. I could not find any tree branches that could have been scratching on the roof. There was no traffic and no evidence of mice or other animals in or outside of the home.

Due to the noises, I decided to conduct 3 EVP sessions in the home, with "Ann's" permission.  The first session was quiet and was taken in the living room area. The second session however was not quiet. Upon review of the file, the same sounds I was hearing throughout the night had been picked up by the recorder. The thumping, scratching, paper-like sounds go on for a little over 4 minutes.

Please know, this file has not been edited, not even for background noise. I believe in presenting raw evidence so you can draw your own conclusions.

After reviewing my journal entries for the night as well as my personal experiences along with the EVP evidence, I do NOT believe that shadow people are present in the home. If there is one fact about Shadow people that I know without a doubt it is that they Always Make Themselves Known. My conclusion is that "Ann" has at least 2 non-malevolent ghosts in her home. I advised her that they are harmless to her or her son. I gave her instructions on how to cleanse her home of the entities if she so chooses and advised her to contact me again if she has any further trouble after the cleansing.

Case No. 5129: Closed