Sunday, October 14, 2012

Children of the Gods Part 3

Philovian was a binary star system deep within the Andromeda galaxy- and yet, among the Earth’s astronomy community it still lay largely undiscovered by even the most advanced surveys into that region, including the Hubble “deep sky survey” in the early 2000s and the Los Palmos survey of 2009, which despite its failure to directly observe these bodies, it did nevertheless detect a considerable gravitational distortion or “bending” of the light signals from other stars in this region. It was with this in mind, that Doctor Smith had decided, not without considerable outside pressure from his superiors, to turn his attention, almost reluctantly to this region of the Andromeda galaxy once again, after the initial failures, he felt he had received as the joint project co-ordination on the 2009 survey.

And so he thought about such things often, particularly after an all nighter, when failure to find any signal plagued his mind, and so he turned his head as he prepared for sleep towards the awaking East, approaching the boundary between night and day, between consciousness and semi-consciousness, between dreams and reality, his thoughts drifted, like the eternal sands moving like snakes out across the desert, towards Nazca in the North…. Taihuanaco in the East, until his mind momentary seemed to glimpse intuitively some type of ancient dance, yet, it wasn’t just one dance, within every dance there was yet another, and although his mind was fast approaching the natural darkness of inner space- he kept seeing Him- That wild dancing Man dressed in the robes of snakes and stars and goatskins- moving within every movement- He watched Him slightly mockingly- yet fascinated- He observed Him- His form changing and changing, beat after beat, until eventually his mind was made heavy by the ancient tune as the dancer danced on…


Here it’s possible the galo-sphere may have temporally become distorted in-plased ER- in fact- JEV whom had felt ER's plase like a bolt of electricity behind his eyes,  had long suspected that such an event may have befallen them- without the correct alignment to the galo-sphere, philovains could suffer all strange types of effects, both perceptually and mentally in terms of their relationship with how they experienced any given environment, and, the way this was communicated between members of their race. It had happened in the past before on exploration missions, in particular the “time and space fields” that enclosed them always within their own “frame of reference” no matter where they actually happened to be in the universe and that of the local system sometimes became displaced due to the effects of gravitation for example upon the planetary system they were visiting. In essence, the galo-sphere allowed philovians to essentially travel anywhere within the Cosmos, without ever actually being subject to the physical affects of time and space, even though they still had to travel, using a mere conventional anti-matter craft! Philovians could travel to the ends of the Cosmos and be always young and vital- never tiring or becoming weary which had given their race a huge evolutionary advantage over nearly ever other advanced race in the entire Cosmos.

JEV mused as covertly as was possible for a Philovian about the prospects of disconnecting from the galo-sphere for sometime- as he watched the ever eager ER using the rexus to literally bring into being the varied meanings of the symbols itched upon the tombs and walls of the ancient site- how he thought- would any of this be possible without being connected to it- even if the risk of never being able to establish a connection again with the galo-sphere was extremely low- the thought of it produced an acute sense of horror in him- The sense of not receiving the ever present thoughts, feelings and emotions of their community and people, no matter how distant in actual light year terms, was something that was almost impossible for a Philovian to contemplate- yet contemplate he had too- and he knew as he observed the young ER’s expression turn a shade he never encountered before, that he hadn’t been careful enough in concealing his troubling thoughts……..