Sunday, October 21, 2012

Novelty as an Imperative of Cosmic Evolutionary Process - The Creation and Conservation of Increasingly Higher-Ordered States of Complex Form

From my perspective, our planetary process is NOT a spectator sport like so many otherwise very well-meaning and aware folks would have it. If the 12/21/2012 date is to have a meaningful significance for any of us, it should at the very least include an imperative that we take responsibility for our contribution to the state and nature of the 'reality' that we inhabit and either passively or actively support.  Such a cosmos and the 'reality' in which we express ourselves, is not one that generally sweeps the passive on some grand scale to their perceived or fantasized 'promised land' ...  As far as I know, there is nothing in this cosmos worth having or experiencing that does not involve risk and us putting something of high value of ourselves 'on the line' - i.e. something of our precious asses at high risk. Usually, the greater the risk or value of what we are willing to put 'on the line', the greater the value of that which is subsequently created or experienced.

In my view, Terence may well have misinterpreted the significance of the 'zero' date as being some type of singularity.  It is far more likely that what may appear as a massive singularity is actually the chaotic phase of some highly non-linear 'fractal' system with myriad complexifying systemic features. Such a chaotic phase involving the complete breakdown and dissolution of the current system and its trajectory could very well be interpreted as a 'singularity'. This spatial-temporal fractal system has likely reached a state that is unsustainable and consequently highly unstable, and in very immediate need of some form of stabilizing 'transformation'.  For complex systems such stabilizing 'transformations' are often initiated by a systemic collapse into some chaotic phase. The 'state' and/or trajectory that is 'emergent' from such a chaotic phase is often quite sensitively dependent on a multitude of active 'input' driving forces. One possible or even likely of 'states/trajectories' is that of a system functioning in some 'higher ordered' state.

Whether one chooses the concept of 'butterfly effect' or one chooses other features of non-linear dynamical systems to evaluate the driving inputs on which the system is sensitively dependent, it is what we DO now that can and will influence the nature and order of an emergent state and trajectory. However, that does NOT mean our standing idly by in the face of the myriad challenges coming at us each and every moment of our lives at this point.   Moreover, if there indeed be state and trajectory 'bifurcations' emergent from such a chaotic phase, then it is imperative that we do our best to insure that our 'alignment' is in fact with that emergent 'state and trajectory', or paradigm that we would choose to live in ...  IMHO, a more meaningful 'Timewave' interpretation would therefore be one in which the zero crossing or 'singularity' manifesting on 12/21/2012 is far more likely to be a chaotic transitional phase leading to a 'emergent' trajectory that could includes either a bifurcation, or an Order or Dimensional shift of some kind - one that could take years or decades to 'reconfigure' ...   The 'elephant in the room' referred to herein will very likely have a major contribution to make ...

John Sheliak
Santa Fe, NM

A recent message to those in my em addy book with subject: "Thom Hartman Commentary:  We're all going to die and no-one's talking about it" 

... and Dr James Hansen (former NASA climatologist) is arguably by an exceedingly wide margin the foremost expert on climate change - anything and everything you need to know about climate change can be found in his writings and videos.  Forget the likes of Alex Jones, Stuart Wilde, and all the degenerate climate change deniers here - they are less than sick jokesters by comparison ... Care about your children, grandchildren et al???   Then one best pay attention to some of the 'best' among us ...  Postponing attention and action until catastrophic climate change affects you or your children with a more immediate and direct horror is going to be way, way too late ...  Alex Jones and ALL of his ilk should have their credibility on every other issue summarily dismissed because of their mindless, reckless, and degenerate stand on this issue alone.   If you have delusional doubts about human induced climate change, then I urge you to inform yourself by viewing as many James Hansen videos as you can, or you can count yourself as complicit in a human disaster of global proportions of perhaps generational centuries impact ... Your choice;  the la la land of ideology by ignoring factual reality, or seeing a harsh truth by accepting hard evidence based research science.


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