Monday, October 29, 2012

Mercury Retrograde, Presidential Election, and Hurricane Sandy - Direct Hits

Just as the "Perfect Storm" inundates the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, another perfect storm is brewing equally as ominous.

For the first time in United States history, election day falls as Mercury begins its retrograde movement, known as stationary retrograde. The exact moment will be later in the day on November 6th causing some astrologists to believe it will be no big deal. Logically, it would seem so with many voting early. One only need observe the long lines at the Post Offices on April 15th, however, to understand that the majority of us will be racing to the polls at the last hour.

Anyone who pays attention to Mercury's retrograde activity is familiar with its similarities to Murphy's Law and can't be readily dismissed as coincidence. Essentially "whatever can go wrong, will (or might)". The last election affected by a MR period was the Bush/Gore election of 2000. Remember the hanging chads and the delay? The difference between that election and this one is that it fell on the last day of MR, known as stationary direct.

So what is Mercury Retrograde? The planet Mercury is named after Mercury, the swift-footed messenger of the Roman Gods who is comparable to the Greek God, Hermes. Clad in winged sandals he ruled commerce and trade, travel and communications. An appropriate name for our first planet from the Sun since it swiftly orbits three times per year - faster than all others.

Mercury, in its retrograde period lasts approximately three weeks and occurs three times per year. During this time it appears to move backward through the zodiac. Passing between the Earth and the Sun, the visual of moving in a retrograde (directed or moving backward) direction should have no affect on us. It's only a perception. However, it consistently wreaks havoc on travel plans, communication and in more recent decades, electronics.

The two weeks prior to its retrograde station and two weeks following its direct position are called the shadow phase. It begins to have an effect on us similar to the outer bands of a hurricane hitting land. We're in that period now.

What are typical results? Miscommunication, confusion, delays, and re-do's. Astrologers caution not to sign contracts or begin something new (unless you like re-doing) and explain that it's a good time to re-organize, plan and generally wait-it-out. It's always important to check and re-check travel plans, appointments and to communicate clearly. And, it doesn't hurt to tune-up electronics and equipment prior to its approach.

With regard to the upcoming election, it is imperative that election officials, volunteers, and all involved check and re-check everything from equipment to communications. They may anyway but it's even more important to do so this time.

The subject entered my radar over the weekend as I struggled to complete a project and had to re-do it three times. I caught myself muttering, "Geez, you'd think it was Mercury Retrograde!" As that exclamation left my lips I thought, " may BE Mercury Retrograde". I did a search and found that astrologers have been buzzing about this since Spring. And, that sure enough, we're in the shadow phase with it set to begin on November 6th.

A direct hit? Synchronistically as I thought of that phrase, I heard it repeated out of the mouth of a news anchor reporting on Hurricane Sandy. Foreshadowing always causes a creeping chill to emerge and I can imagine no "creepier" foreshadow for this election than this "hurricane wrapped in a n'oreaster" as weather experts describe Sandy.

My prediction? Don't be surprised if the election itself is delayed. Imagine thousands of voting polls destroyed by this devastating storm. In one week's time, power may still be down in hundreds of cities across dozens of States. And, temporary voting polls may not be able to be created in such a short time.

Mercury Retrograde is always challenging while it lasts, during any of its regular phases. Storms and inclement weather are challenging as well, but combine them with a cold front, they become complicated and dangerous; it's chemistry for Chaos, as would be in combining a struggling economy, a close race, and a natural disaster with a Presidential Election. We find a series of "Direct Hits" that might make this specific Mercury Retrograde period the most notorious in U.S. History.