Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shadow Angel Case No. 5129

Case No. 5129 is a case that is close to my heart. This is also my newest case. This is a case involving a single mother and a child. They live locally and have spoken with me in depth about their experiences.

The mother, who has asked me not to give her or her child's name, reported to me that the hub of the activity seems to be in one of two guest bedrooms. She reports that when family members come to stay the weekend, many of them have reported that they wake up in the middle of night to see a line of figures standing near the bed looking down on them as they sleep. The mother who for the purposes of this investigation, I will now call "Ann", stated to me that one night, she decided to sleep in that same guest bedroom to find out if the same thing would happen to her.

She reported that she awoke with a heavy feeling in her chest at approximately 2:15am and when she looked up there was what appeared to be a very large man, all black, no features, standing near the bed looking down on her. She stated that she no sooner looked at him and he turned and walked through the wall. She reported to me that she stayed up the rest of the night feeling scared to death. She said that when her son woke up around 6:00am that morning, he asked her "mommy, who was that man in my room last night"?

"Ann" gathered clothes for herself and son and is currently staying at a friend's house until my investigation is complete.

"Ann" has asked that I not film or photograph any part of her house because she does not want anyone in her family to think she is crazy but she has given me permission to do EVP work and I will be spending the night in the house. During the night, I will keep a journal of my experiences and findings. If I do find shadow people or a shadow person, I will do what is necessary to have it leave unless it is a Protector Type 1.  (If you do not know what a "Protector Type 1" is please see my post - What Are Shadow People .)

My laptop will be with me and I will be continuously recording while in the home. I will update this blog periodically throughout my investigation.

Thank you for reading. Please post any questions, comments or suggestions below. As always, if you would like to talk with me or request that I investigate your location please email to or tweet to me @truthshadows

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