Friday, October 19, 2012

Timewave Graph 19, 20, 21

Here's the timewave graph from October 1 2012 to October 21 (highlighted version below, it can be clicked to further enlarge).  One of our timewave masters here on Planet Buddha, the very discoverer of the Franklin Wave himself (hey, can I name drop or what?  See Geoff Stray's book, the section on Zyzygyz's Brainwave), had made the observation that the few days' worth of rise to Habit might afford us a little self-reflective, get-your-shit-together breather, but it seems we got two waves diving toward novelty again on the 20th and 21st.  Franklin's keeping an even keel, slowly rising toward habit.  But remember, that we're zooming into a historical-noise-perturbed region of the timewave ... we're reaching the end of it soon.  Come check in every few days, and check in on Zyzygyz's zig-zags, among other things.