Friday, October 12, 2012

Timewave Graph October 11, 12, 13

To reiterate, we'll be zooming in to the timewave every three days or so.  As you can see from the overall fractal purview, we're getting down to the wire of Novelty central! So just what are these Novelties we're experiencing, relative to the fluctuations, perturbations, and vicissitudes of the whorl of history in the making, hitherto? Look at the Sheliak wave, above, it dips deliciously close to (t, 0).  And of course, relative to what historically went on before these end times, we're already dipping, and have been dipping, in the region of high Novelty ingressions. So what's going on?  If this were divination like the daily horoscope, how would you interpret it for yourself?  What new self-understandings and events are occurring from day to day?  Hopefully you're empathically tuned in enough to appreciate the subtleties of the correlation of your fields of influence with fields of influence all around you, from macro to cosmic.