Monday, October 22, 2012

Timewave Graph October 22 23 24

Okay folks, so here's our time-flux of today and the next couple of days (note that Sheliak and Watkins waves converge at 0.000100 between October 23 and 24! This is noteworthy), but yesterday, just exactly two months before the zero-date, the man himself whose name is on the blue wave, John Sheliak aka BluSeti, posted two insight-packed articles (links: [1] and [2] (see also John's article in our Resources Library tab)) on the eschaton, singularity, novelty and what they all mean, and what they all should mean.  Do read, relish, and ruminate.  They contain practically "compressed" material that will decompress, "download" into your brain as it were.  If it means having to open your doors of perception to better apprehend distillations of decades of thought, work, and meditation, then by all means do so, whatever your method might be, because they're not easy, casual reading.  So for today I myself will say no more, and let the man do the talking.  A shout out to John!!