Tuesday, October 23, 2012

VALIS: Doorway to the Cosmos

Real meaning sometimes only comes to us through leakage- unlike the speed of light it's perhaps possible that the speed of information transfer between two points at opposite ends of the Cosmos is instantaneous, difficult as this may be for us to imagine, information, quite possibly might not be confined by our normal notions of space and time. In this pivotal sense information has no past or future tense, yet it doesn't mean that it's eternal, Platonic and dispassionately unchanging, but rather it seems to be infinite in its possibilities which are played out in our dimensionally constructed Cosmos. In a real sense all information originally exists in a highly undetermined state of being, and, it only becomes determined as a new and novel form of knowledge by the interactions within and indeed between living beings through its manifold matrices- and not just human beings, but all forms of life across the Cosmos, that have or indeed will come to fruition at some stage somewhere in the vast Cosmos we observe every night. Nothing seems to be formally determined in advance- all the options are there- every event has multiple outcomes where whole historical epochs in human history or branches in evolutionary history of a species or even the future of an entire planetary system can be determined by how we both collectively and singularly interact with this information. The propagation of Novelty is probably exceedingly rare at these junctures- as the forces of instinct, habit and conditioned response are immense- and perhaps it's only during exceptional instants caused by the breaking down of these forces as a result of our innate need, as in times of catastrophic natural disasters, or, under extreme stress in wars, or, in genuine states of openness and detachment that this information that we are constantly subjected to is actually converted into the Novelty of new forms of knowledge and insight, where a feedback loop is actually created and where information becomes highly determined into something completely different and new, perhaps entirely unique.

The Cosmos in some key sense seems to be constructed for this express purpose- even if 99.99% of all interactions across the Cosmos produce nothing new- it seems that whatever intelligence actually in-forms life at these junctures, that it's willing to wager this for the 0.01% that it needs and perhaps desires for its own development (or evolution) as a supreme creative entity. Perhaps it too registers in completely novel ways much of the 99.99% of the information that doesn't seem go anywhere or become determined as something new due to habit etc, as something it learns from, and uses again in it designs. The whole idea behind Jung's Mandalas and the notions surrounding Karma and Reincarnations seem to suggest that the Cosmos and the information that inheres in it and us seems to flow, like the meandering course of a majestic river, over a huge quantity of Times, Spaces, Lives, Beings, in order for it to get the outcome(s) it desires.

Certainty, this vast intelligence which Philip K Dick called VALIS, that seems to permeate all things, doesn't appear to be in a great hurry, yet Dick noted that on occasions we can literally come into contact with it in the most extraordinary ways. I too have observed this phenomena on occasions, and I call it transitional information leakage (I know it sounds a bit strange!) and usually all manner of coincidences and uncanny occurrences come into being- it's like seeing the world when all its objects are enmeshed within their own Dasein and Aura- and somehow you're able to glimpse a tiny bit of this, and, yet I think with good reason whatever the intelligence is that actually creates reality through us only allows us  "to see through a chink not too wide, for a chink too wide allows no wonder". The Cosmos is not a closed system - it allows us to marvel and even interact through it with something even greater than it, if we choose to, and, if habit has not totally closed off those royal portals to the Cosmos in us.