Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What Are Shadow People?

The question of what shadow people are is one that has spanned centuries. Throughout history human beings have been  encountering people that look like nothing more than shadows. These shadow people are blacker than the blackest night. You catch a glimpse of one out of the corner of your eye. You wake in the middle of a dream to find one floating above you or standing in your room. They seem to be able to walk through walls and change form from human like to a black mist.

Over the past 20 years, I have encountered several different types of shadow people. To help you  understand what they are I believe it would be best to start with explaining what they are not.
The most common belief I have heard is that shadow people are demons.

The word demon comes from the Greek: daemon, meaning: divine, or demi-god. The most common reference to demons occurs in the Christian text called The Bible. The Bible refers to demons as fallen angels who are in allegiance to a head fallen angel named Satan or Lucifer. I can tell you with 100% certainty that Shadow People are NOT the Christian version of the word demon. They are Not from hell nor do they claim allegiance to any one boss like "Satan".  I have yet to rule out the theory that they could be some sort of demi-god or divine in nature.

The second most common misconception out there about them is that they are aliens traveling through time and dimensions. Throughout my years of experience and several thousand encounters with these entities known as Shadow People, I can tell you once again, with 100% certainty; they are NOT aliens. Nor are they time travelers just passing through.

Lastly, Shadow People are NOT ghosts. Ghosts are spirits of deceased human beings and Shadow People have never been human and therefore cannot be ghosts. 

Each and every shadow person I have ever encountered has had a specific purpose for being in the space they occupied. I will get into more on how they occupy space at a later time.

There are three different types of Shadow People that I have encountered. The type of Shadow Person refers to the purpose they have. 
  1. Protectors (Type 1): The protector type 1 Shadow Person is easily discerned by his shape when seen with the human eye.  He always appears to be a muscular, strong man and exudes an energy so strong that you can feel it in your chest. The feeling you receive when you encounter the protector is one of heaviness in your chest. This feeling will be brief as the protectors simply want to let you know they are there, therefore they do not stick around long enough to cause you to fear them.  You will notice them more prominently when you are exuding fear caused by some other external circumstance. I have yet to determine if every person is assigned or has a protector Shadow person. This is under investigation.
  2. Protectors (Type 2): Type 2 protectors are the same as type 1 except for, they assemble in groups of 3 or more and can take male and female human-like form. 
  3. Chaos Causing: Chaos causing Shadow People occupy a space and/or a person's life in an effort to do just that, cause chaos. This type hides well and is not easily seen by humans. There are tell tale signs to look for if you want to know if you have one in your life, however. I will go into further detail on what those signs are in a future post. 
  4. Reapers: When I say "reapers" I am not referring to the "grim reaper". I call them reapers because this type of Shadow Person has one purpose and that is to Take Life. They have the ability to cause illness, car accidents, influence murders, or any other manner of death. I am not sure if the manner of death is their choice or not. This is still under investigation. The Reaper is most often found near children and older adults. They will lore children into dangerous situations. They will cause the older adults to  become ill seemingly too soon. 
So to recap, the 3 types of Shadow People are:
Protectors (Types 1 & 2)
Chaos Causing 

I assigned these titles based on what each specific purpose is. It would be a great help to me if you could share whether or not you have encountered any of the three types and what your experiences were.

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~Shadow Angel~