Friday, November 2, 2012

Timewave Graph Oct 31 to Nov 2

October 31 to November 2 being a three-day continuum of a highly refined, ethereal time and space of what we could perhaps call "transitionary phase," which is also known in terms of having Samhain, All Souls' Day, All Saints' Day, the Day of the Dead (see Anna Webb's excellent post [link]) as different names of the same three-days-or-so transitionary phase, we see somewhat of a skyrocket to Habit in the neighborhood of October 31 and then a descent toward novelty again in the days following (with the exception of the Watkins wave, which takes a completely different turn).  We are of course looking as it were into a telescope at the Timewave, so these divergences and discrepancies are very fine vicissitudes and perturbations that take on subtler and subtler dimensions of meaning.  That's the process only we ourselves can explore by not only looking without, but in conjunction also looking within.  Deep within, into the inner Cosmos.  Don't be afraid of its ego-exploding vastness.  This transitionary phase is a very good time for "self-scrying," for self reflection in the mirror of mind and life, also as a catalyst for the days to come.