Sunday, December 2, 2012

Against the Lean Light: (Alzheimer Ward)

                                      Against the Lean Light

You told me in this light - “It was hard to imagine“ -
That lean salty village, with its long singular street

Marooned in a decaying sandcastle patiently awaiting

A faith, played upon, like shipwrecked children, touching

To grasp the turning tides of memories you imagine, - no more -

The perennial grey gulls - of seasons - immovable against the bleak

Beauty of nature’s immutable cliff, releasing its ancient song

Back through those frenzied currents of wind, water, and mind

Where music flows into time like a river fusing into an ocean,

To be heard - no more - as light flickers through one last dark cry

They are - no more - “but mere shadows" entwined like silhouettes”
Motions into depths - You - trying to imagine, what can be - no more-

Yet still the salmons leap, suspended, skyward through the rock's spray

Returning an imperfect normality through waves and keys unlocked

In this Doctor’s neat checklist - where hyponotic tunes play upon us all-
Like familiar voices from a remote village - now you find so hard to remember.