Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Case No. 0001 Continued


 Who are you little girl? She kneels down to touch the lifeless body that lay in front of her. What happened to you? Why did that man hurt you? Little girl…Little girl; she calls out to her. Wake up! Little girl! Shaking her harder. Why won’t you wake up? Little girl!?

    Tightness fills her chest. Who’s there? Little girl….? 

    Standing in blackness she sees him. He is blacker than the blackness. He looks at her; turns and begins to walk away. 
    Wait…come back. Talk to me…Who are you?
     His voice, a low growl, do not fear me child. I am here to protect you. You cannot stay here with me but, I would be happy to go back with you. I will keep you from harm. He was darker than the blackest night with arms strong, and defined. His height was overwhelming to her. He made her feel safe. She did not understand the tightness she felt in her chest when he was near her.
     Her voice, small and weak, what is your name? Who are you? Why can’t I see your face? Be calm child, I will help you, but you must ask me to come with you. Where am I going? Back to your mommy - I won’t let that man hurt you anymore. Trust me. I will protect you. I want to stay here! Can’t you keep me safe here?! It is time for you to go back now. Take me with you? Please, please come with me! Keep me safe! Please! Help me!


    His name is Noch; short for Nochunrah which is pronounced, (knock-un-ra) and he is a “Protector Type 1”. He is the “dark spirit” you just met and I consider myself very blessed to have him. I must say though, it is a very rare thing to actually have a name for a shadow person, but I have his. The story you just read is the story of how I, ~Shadow Angel~, died. I met Nochunrah when I entered the void on the other side. This meeting set my life on its course. Shadow people and the paranormal have been the one constant in my life. The one thing that never changes…

     Within a few days of the incident that briefly took my life, I was rescued. The man that drowned me was arrested and spent 12 years in maximum security prison. I am not aware of what happened to him once he was released. After being rescued, my mother remarried and from that point on, my life was pretty normal, aside from the paranormal of course…

     Noch made his presence known on a very regular basis in my house. He allowed himself to be seen by my friends and family. In fact, one day he even saved my mother from what could have been a serious injury to her hands. His fingerprints were left on her shoulders after he pulled her away from a window right before it fell on her hands and shattered the glass. My mother still remembers that incident like it was yesterday. 
     My best friend in grade school saw him straight on one night. I was having a slumber party for no particular reason and she said she woke up with a tight feeling in her chest. When she looked up she saw a very large black figure of a man, walk into my bedroom through the wall, look down on me as if to make sure I was sleeping and ok, then he turned and walked back through the wall from which he came.
     After that night, my best friend has never stepped another foot inside my childhood home. She still gets goose bumps when we talk about that night, even after I explain to her that he is my guardian. I love her anyway. 
     Over the years, I have grown to love Noch too. I love him kind of like a child loves a parent. I know what his purpose is and he is much like a dog that has been trained to guard a location or a secret service agent that guards the president. He has one purpose and that is to protect me. That is exactly what he does. 
     I am and always have been a bit lost, however, on the reason why Noch protects me. I do realize though, that sometimes you have to be smart enough to just accept things the way they are without questioning what you know to be true. Whatever the reason Noch has to protect me, I am thankful.