Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Timewave Theory and Novelty - 12/21/12 - Layman's Terms

Terence McKenna (November 16, 1946 – April 3, 2000) wore many hats in his life including researcher and writer on the subjects of the origin and end of the universe. And, he discovered a pattern and developed a theory he termed the "timewave".

What is the "timewave" and what is "novelty"?

According to McKenna the universe is finite and has an end-date with an attractor at that end-time that increases reaching a "zero" point of infinite complexity in December 2012. He theorized that at this point all will happen at once creating chaos but also creating a shift in consciousness. 
McKenna viewed the universe as a spiraling collection of waves fractally repeating themselves in a tighter spiral (history repeats itself).


Terence McKenna said: "the imagination is a dimension of nonlocal information," and "novelty is density of connection."
McKenna believed that imagination was capable of interconnecting matter waves instantaneously.

"Timewave zero" is mathematically based upon McKenna's interpretation of the King Wen sequence of the I-Ching.  When entered into a computer the graph created appears to show great periods of novelty corresponding with major shifts in humanity's evolution. 
He utilized the event of Hiroshima with which to base a date and noticed that zero point culminated on November 16, 2012. Later discovering the December 2012 end date determined by Western Mayan Scholars, he decided to synch them up. 

Terence McKenna said this:

"What is happening to our world is ingression of novelty toward what Whitehead called "concrescence", a tightening gyre. Everything is flowing together. The "autopoietic lapis", the alchemical stone at the end of time, coalesces when everything flows together. When the laws of physics are obviated, the universe disappears, and what is left is the tightly bound plenum, the monad, able to express itself for itself, rather than only able to cast a shadow into physis as its reflection. 
I come very close here to classical millenarian and apocalyptic thought in my view of the rate at which change is accelerating. From the way the gyre is tightening, I predict that the concrescence will occur soon—around 2012 AD. It will be the entry of our species into hyperspace, but it will appear to be the end of physical laws accompanied by the release of the mind into the imagination."