Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Quick Render of a Glacier (Video)

I've been trying to brush up my 3D skills, through (almost) daily projects, and I'll be posting the results of my Experiments as often as I can, so expect more!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jacob's Ladder

At half past three, You, Summoned me, 

Abruptly to that baroque court of dancers,

Disguised like figures in the dead of night

Colouring, far away, the sulphurous heavens

Through the flickering shades of Autumn rains

Where droplets navigate boulevards through an ocean

Of Islands, fused with neon, cars, and grimaced limbs

Revealing a melody, mocking the “reality” of it all-

In that archipelago, we the people, simply are moved

Along ladders like Jacob's, where ancient maidens

With fading foundation greet the demented subways’

Cavernous phosphorescent lights, as if this were the first day of creation

Where no-thing or no-one of mere mortal origin

Could entice the faithfully received back towards the light

Where trains glowing like terrible earthworms depart

And arrive predictably, announcing the grey rains

To all those destinations never really audibly heard

In that rush, before becoming, and disappearing out of sight.

And yet we still met, that lone unremarkable day

In that desolate Park, with her sombre solitary ducks

Masquerading like intimations in another man’s mind

Where we always come to grief, like glaciers, fragmenting

Their stratified edges, against the deep, the blue, the abyss

And you returned, wondering “how things simply appear

In camouflaged shadows hidden amongst the willows

A squirrel, played out his ultimate tune like King Sisyphus

Aware of neither end- You envied his simple purpose

Just as you feared the Metropolis, vibrating, behind like a demon

Whose impenetrable reason, like Descartes, ultimately deluded You-

Yet “we can but pass through it all” as only a lunatic

Or saint could reply- as we left off where anonymous couples

Hooked up the fading afternoon sun upon their frozen breaths

With joggers, passing us invisibly by, with their customary, allotted strain

Smiling at themselves, as if we were already consigned to another realm. 


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Serpentine Cryptophanies

Rivers, streams, currents: they are perfect, gross-material metaphors of Mind.  And, cosmically and even quantum-mechanically speaking, they are all literally Mind, as is everything else.  So for the purpose of this article I'm going to stick with the apropos metaphorical aspect, for now.

A few days ago I had a "real time" dream of a colossal black snake; it was so enormous it could devour me whole.  Oddly enough I was annoyed with its presence but wasn't afraid of it.  The thought I had in the dream was: "I hope it doesn't decide to eat me," but I was just letting it be, and I wasn't doing anything one way or another to provoke it or pacify it.  It was just there, it was aware of my presence as it was of mine, it assessed me and that was the gist of it.  It was so rife with promise, this dream, that I decided to Google "giant black snake," and came upon the following (hoax) image:

Reported the photo was taken from a helicopter, 11 February 2009.

The recurring synchronistic theme seems to be that of the authentic cloaked in hoax.  This is a pattern. The esoteric is always Secret, and needs to be protected. What better protection is there? It's the principle of the pristine lotus flower growing in turbid mud. Aren't the most profound truths and their kernels hidden in the authoritatively rejected apocryphas and mystical esoterica of world religions of the masses? Have I revealed something here by stating the above? Not really, because for debunkers and people who do not resonate with "ultra-, hyperhistorical" telos, it's all delusion and BS, which is right where we want it. This is not about ego and validation, in fact as time rolls on, the whole 2012 end-of-the-world Hoax is going down the chute of oblivion really fast; but let not the people who had hope of transformation be disheartened.

The authentic Year of the Snake according to the lunar calendar has not begun yet, but as noted in a past article, the year's Sexegenary field is that of "water putting out fire."  Synchronistically, I came upon the Mandala of Tenkawa Shrine in Japan, of a very unusual Serpentine Benzai-ten, who in Sanskrit is known as Sarasvati, a celestial of good fortune and eloquence, named after a river.  

Rivers, streams, snakes; they are all one and the same, they are movements of life force.  Esoteric truth is sometimes cloaked in hoax, where it remains protected; only those who know, know, and there is no more to it. The coiled Kundalini is moving and assessing its year, its year of water putting out fire. As the new Aeon continues to unfold, may the celestial waters of pristine clarity and wisdom put out the feverish fires of calamities of all kinds in the world.    

Tenkawa Shrine Benzai-ten Mandala

Friday, January 25, 2013

Shadow Angel

Calling sister midnight 
Calling sister midnight 
Can you hear me call 
Can you hear me well 
Can you hear me at all 
(Iggy Pop, Sister Midnight)
There is a metaphysical field which has grown around Shadow Angel's posts, which were but a few, since October 2012.  It's the field of the intrinsic, self-referential mandala of Shadow People.  For example, as I began writing this post, I hit 'Publish' instead of 'Save,' when it was still in draft mode. It was a move which automatically generated a tweet. If tweeple clicked the link, they'd find nothing.  Or should I say, they'd find a shadow link.  And even as I type, I see that one of the blogs I follow has a brand new post called Shadow Block, which was just posted this morning (an interesting synchronicity here, Spelly!). And I just saw that one of our writers, Jen, had posted a lovely poem in her blog, another shadow synchronicity.  The field is rippling.

I have told two people about the vanishing of Shadow Angel, and they both said the same thing: She became a shadow.  Where are you?  I wrote an email, it bounced.  I looked up her twitter account, it's gone.  I went to her YouTube Channel, it's gone.  I went to her blog, it's gone.  She was one of our contributors, and there is an indelible absence, like a shadow, on the roster which I cannot delete, no matter how much I try, but she is gone.    

Though I click the 'x' on the right, it doesn't get deleted.
Shadow Angel was working on a book which was in the process of getting completed, snippets were kindly shared by her here on Planet Buddha.  I was looking very forward to it, a signed hardcopy!  I have written in this post in the hope of hearing from Shadow Angel, as I am concerned. Why did she suddenly erase herself from the grid? I am a practitioner, and Yokai fields are part of my world.  If you are experiencing shadow-phenomena and need help, remote assistance is possible. However, I don't practice and exorcise for anyone unless asked, it's a shamanic policy to not mess with karmas of others unless asked.  I sure hope all is well.
Three more Shadow People phenomena to consider.
1) Hallucinatory hyperdimensional Tulpa-fields
2) Actual shadow-people imprints in Hiroshima and Nagasaki from WW2 Atom-bomb flash
3) The dark night of the soul

I have just gotten indication that they, especially Type 2), do not want investigations willy-nilly to be done without proper respect and offerings.  Those imprints are literal imprints of apocalyptic horror, EVP investigations etc. will not be conducted with impunity.

As Shadow Angel had investigated and classified, 1) to 3) span the protector type to reaper type, and in all cases they would span the Yokai domain of twilight in-between worlds, places of fields very foreign to experiential sensations of gross matter perceptions, places accessible only in shamanic states, practice, ritual, and meditation. Always be mindful of supernal protocols. Occasionally they broach the realm of perception, and if you see them, you have entered a potentially tricky field.  

1) Hallucinatory hyperdimensional Tulpa-fields.  These are shadows and shadow-folk seen in hallucinatory states, in which pareidoliac shadow-forms appear, taking lives of their own (hungry-ghost fields of thought-entities and Tulpas).  Conscious reality-as-such is multi-, or rather, infinite-leveled in absolute interfusion-interpenetration; thus we can subtly recognize hallucinatory Shadow People as conscious beings, however fleeting, ephemeral, and subtly will o' the wisp.    

3) The dark night of the soul. This is perhaps the most rare of all cases, but it is a phenomenon which can simply be described as a state of existential error.  Everything casts a shadow, even to the point of visibility; it's when a person enters a complimentary state of complete inversion.  The effect of shadow-being manifestations are the same as 1), except imbued with ominousness.    

I hope you respond and let us know all is well, Shadow Angel, and let this post become a Shadow.  

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Driving through the Appalachian Mountains

Through the black, and through the white
Weather of that abandoned season
Nearly February, but yet, not quite awake

I drove through the embers of the newborn
Flakes- falling like those erased, naked, syllables 
Along the narrowing roads and motionless fields
Where nothing man-made can ever really disturb
That natural order and precision, conceived to elude us

Yet, time and motion, with snow falls, into the simplicity
Of those million, unique, terminally marooned thoughts-
Uttered, said, but once, in any life- now, becomes with distance
Just another "thought" one conjures momentary into sight
Until the windscreen of the mind wipes the window
Of the soul clean, once more- and light returns to the road,
Passing on- like an infinite, charged, translucent stream
In the luminance of head-lights where the people dream

On occasions, not of North Carolina or West Virginia
Where "nothing ever moves" through the thousand tiny towns
"But the traffic"- always passing them by in those wooden Diners
Where they've "always been" - waiting- for that faithful day-
When all things, they say, shall end-  Yet, I passed by too-
Until the road was simply there no more ......................

Thursday, January 17, 2013

On Spiritual Mendicancy

In a new world, a brave new world in which materialism, wealth, and corporate power reign supreme, spiritual mendicancy would be frowned upon at best; in the brave new world of the West and China, spiritual mendicancy does not exist. All mendicants are considered as pariahs, though they are so labeled by unreflective hypocrisy, as if everything in the universe were not interdependent. There is no culture of spiritual mendicancy in such a brave new world of the West and China; mendicants would never be venerated for their pursuit of the supramundane.  In the West it's called homelessness, a state of not owning property.  

Sadhus, spiritual mendicants in India
And the irony is that crass materialism is correct for the wrong reasons, because everything in all eventuality would come back to the mundane, to the nondual space that mendicants had initially negated, because the material cries forth for recognition, because reality is not one-sided; as it says in the Prajñāpāramitā-hṛdaya sūtra (般若波羅蜜多心経 "Heart Sūtra")
Form is void, void is form.  
There is a correctness to materialism and wealth which, if we so chose, we could come to terms with. For example, no one would deny that Mother Theresa was a paragon of selfless mendicancy. But imagine the immensity of happiness and fulfillment she could have brought to so many more impoverished, sick people if she had been a multi-millionaire. It is utterly false that the ends justify the means when it comes to the pursuit of wealth. But values can be adjusted relative to time and circumstance without having to lose one's soul in the process, and there is no one size fits all. The love of money is not the root of all evil, this is a superficial teaching.  There simply is no root of all evil, and that's just the point; spiritual mendicancy is a path, but it just might be a very circuitous one for some people. Spiritual mendicancy is not a path for all, and old souls who have already sufficiently advanced to the reality-realm of the nondual have the option to move onward and upward, to transmute this brave new world into a happy new world.  It is far more challenging than renunciation.
Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

If That's All There Is

The Peggy Lee song "Is That All There Is?" has been hanging around on the edges of my consciousness lately. I've noticed that messages often come to me through songs that will run through my head, and so I've learned to pay attention. In the song, Ms. Lee reminisces about various events in her life: her father rescuing her from a fire and watching it burn down; her first visit to the circus; and falling in love. Each one left her wondering, is that all there is to this? - to a fire, a circus, to love? Yet the final message is upbeat and far from resigned. The chorus goes:

Is that all there is, is that all there is
If that's all there is my friends, then let's keep dancing
Let's break out the booze and have a ball
If that's all there is

I've been wondering the same thing on and off lately. "Is that all there is?"

For years I'd been entranced by the speculations around the 12/21/2012 date (also referred to as the Singularity) by sources as disparate as Terence McKenna, Peter Russell, David Wilcock, and a being known as "Joy-Divine," channeled by one who calls himself "Zingdad," in his book The Ascension Papers. Peter Russell describes the Singularity: "This is the term that mathematicians give to a point when an equation breaks down and ceases to have any useful meaning. The rules change. Something completely different happens."

The Singularity, or Zero-point, or Novelty Theory on December 21, 2012, was not about the end of the world as portrayed in the disaster scenarios, but about the end of the world as we know it, and an evolutionary leap into - who knew what? Well, guess what I was doing on that date. Cleaning my apartment!

Joy-Divine, or J-D, speaking of the Singularity, said that it was the turning point as we head back to ultimate reunification of the whole system of reality, and that for a moment or longer, we would be at one with the heart of Oneness, wherein there are endless possibilities for experience. J-D predicted that we would choose to "stay in the game" here on the old familiar Earth, but that we would be playing in new and different ways.

Terence McKenna referred to this as "the denouement of human history", wherein "the universal process of compressing and expressing novelty is now going to become so intensified that it is going to flow over into another dimension." Interviewed by OMNI magazine in May 1993, he said:

"All evolution has pushed for this moment, and there is no going back. What lies ahead is a dimension of such freedom and transcendence, that once in place, the idea of returning to the womb will be preposterous. We will live in the imagination. We will quickly become unrecognizable to our former selves because we're now defined by our limitations: the laws of gravity; the need to eat, excrete, and make money. We have the will to expand infinitely into pleasure, caring, attention, and connectedness. If nothing more -- and it's a lot more -- it's permission to hope."

While I did not 'believe' per se, I did have hope. I enjoyed 'entertaining' the notion and the implications of such a quantum leap in our evolution. Along the way I was also learning about the creative abilities of consciousness - i.e., that reality is a self-created illusion, that it is literally our dream, and about becoming lucid within it, consciously dreaming, creating and living out our choices.

Recently I was telling my son about a dream I had that I thought was somewhat humorous. I was one of the speakers at a gathering of people with various addictions, and one piece of advice I gave was: "Don't buy booze." While I was laughing at the seeming reductionism of that dream pronouncement, my son was arguing with me that this was insensitive to the complexity of addictions - "Some people can't make that choice." I responded that we are always choosing, and we often choose by default - as for example, in the case of the problem drinker who wants to quit, but doesn't make the firm commitment to do so. "That's judgmental," said Ben, and I explained that no choices are wrong or bad in themselves, but if we want change, we have to make a definite choice and stick to it. Then I realized he thought I meant I was saying this to people I knew, which is not the case. I clarified that I was sharing a dream and some ideas. But at the same time, I realized that ultimately it does come down to such simple measures, and making fundamental choices. Moving in the direction of our preferences, whatever they may be.

In Robert Fritz' book The Path of Least Resistance, he speaks of formally choosing as a first step in the creative process. He even recommends stating our choices, i.e.: "I choose..." We become self-directed, putting trust in our own creative power. As another spiritual teacher put it: "What you say goes." Even if we don't believe we have that kind of power, isn't trust and faith in ourselves more productive than self-doubt? As we move out of our comfort zone and take creative risks, we make progress, and we may ultimately find we've created something even better than what we initially imagined.

The 'strange attractor' or 'transcendental object at the end of time' as McKenna put it, which he pinpointed at Timewave Zero on Dec. 21, 2012, has the effect of increasing the interconnectedness of the universe (we become "one with the heart of Oneness"). As James Joyce wrote in Ulysses: "All human history moves towards one great goal, the manifestation of God." The Apotheosis: man becomes God.

To 'realize' something is to see (real eyes) the truth therein. We have always been one with the Oneness, one with God. Seeing this, and formally choosing it, makes it real in our experience - perhaps the most important 'fundamental choice' we'll ever make.

David Wilcock wrote in his most recent and exhaustive update titled December 21, 2012: Romance and Reality:

"Earlier along, I was taken in by the "romance" of everything happening at the end of 2012.

However, it is very clear that we need to see some major changes in our own physical, everyday world here on Earth first."

I contend that we need to see some major changes in ourselves. As I said to my son in our discussion of my dream, if we want change, we have to make a definite choice and stick to it. We have to trust in ourselves, and be the change we want to see, instead of waiting for it to be visited on us. Our trust must be such that we give thanks for this in advance. This is the game-changer allowing for something completely different to come forth. We need to become new, and then we will see the new age prophesied in the mythologies of so many ancient cultures: a world of unity, love, and brotherhood. Of freedom and transcendence. Hey, perhaps even a self-cleaning apartment!

"Is that all there is?" An online friend saw my first draft of this post, and shared that his professor in Civilizations had just referenced that very song, saying Peggy Lee had asked the primordial question that has been with us from the beginning. "What he is most wanting to convey," said my friend, "is all the things about us that have not changed and because of that, how looking at our collective past yields rich and meaningful information about our collective present." He went on: "He was saying the fact that tools for the living have been found buried with remains as old as 35,000 years indicates that even the earliest man was asking if the dead might be needing these tools wherever they might have gone. Therefore, man was asking a question about existence when they included tools with their dead." Yes, asking a question, and it seems, reaching a conclusion - or they wouldn't have provided the tools. Ancient man was also asking, and answering, in their prophecies about the end times and the transformation into a Golden Age. Perhaps in passing on this vision, they were also providing us with an important tool.

This is indeed all there is, in the sense that all is available to us. We live in a Field of infinite possibilities, and our vision, choice and gratitude brings forth the potentials we desire.

We may not be there just yet, but it will happen as soon as we are ready. In the meantime, as Peggy Lee sang, if that's all there is, let's keep on dancing. And maybe that's enough. Maybe Terence McKenna was right when he said, replying to a question about the ultimate goal of human evolution: "Oh, a good party..."


Monday, January 7, 2013

Yokai Accumulation

Tulpa Reflection
Smoke Sprites

Shio Bath

Susuwatari In My Room

Kuro-kamikiri Stomach

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Current Limbo-Phase of 2013

According to the Gregorian solar calendar, December 21, 2012 c.e., Winter Solstice, coincided with the end of the 13th Bak'tun of the Mayan long count calendar, and supposedly some kind of galactic alignment was going to happen on that day, which pretty much seems to have been much ado about the ordinary (I never put much stock in the event to begin with, it just happened to be an interesting synchronistic aside of sorts; the Winter Solstice itself would’ve worked just fine as far as I was concerned).  

So Mayan calendars are elaborate artifacts, but why they would have predicted the course of history itself could never be satisfactorily answered.  They were a violent civilization back in the day, hardly paragons of evolution.  Which pretty much could be said of all civilizations hitherto, I suppose, so there was nothing outstanding about them except their elaborate calendars (which probably were made for pragmatic agrarian use) and astronomical-mathematical knowledge.
Historical correlations originally made vis-à-vis the timewave were guesses.  Historical correlations to novelty-dips worked out rather nicely. As Habit decreased steadily and the latter-day flux became gradually more perturbed, it eventually hit the 0-point of the time axis, and that was the end of the story.  Originally T. McKenna's correlation date was not December 21, 2012, but it got adjusted later because it seemed to work rather nicely, and somewhat significantly. 

However, timewave-wise, it should be recalled that the singularity-date was somewhat arbitrarily chosen.   Here’s another scenario to consider, just as a matter of synchronistic interest.

According to the lunar Chinese calendar (which is still in use), the solar Gregorian equivalent of January 1, 2013 is November 20, 2012.  As you might know, this is why the Chinese celebrate their new year in February.  Anyway, the lunar Chinese calendar’s December 21, 2012 would be solar Gregorian February 1, 2013.  So depending on the calendar system, the timewave-zero singularity time might still be in approximately less than a month’s time (as of this writing, January 3, 2013 Gregorian).  

And why not?  After all, the I’Ching is Chinese in origin, and its resonance would be, perhaps hyperdimensionally speaking, more interwoven with the lunar-Chinese calendric field than the solar-Gregorian.  Something to reflect on.  

And No, this is not an “end date” prediction.  Forget that crap.  It’s just a shift of focus that makes the solar Gregorian December 21, 2012 the “Hoax-exoteric” date for the masses while  the lunar Chinese December 21, 2012 (Gregorian February 1, 2013) would better suit the “end” of the resonance of the Chinese I’Ching 64-fold divinatory combinatoric, which is the hypostasis of the timewave. 

You could think of the solar Gregorian “end date” as the gateway (which was not the event, but a gateway or signpost), and the time between as the wormhole, Limbo, or Bardo of formation, and the lunar Chinese “end date” as when you will be coming out the other side. 

Though “outward portents” are things to be avoided, it is interesting that according to the ancient lunar calendar, December 21 2012  (i.e., the twelfth month, 21st day) has not happened yet.  This means there is one more month in the ancient calendar for that date to arrive.  This means that February 1, 2013 Gregorian would be the old lunar December 21, 2012.  Perhaps this little esoterica will give reason for meditation on the timewave on that day.  It's an existential process.  Always should have been, never the Hollywood hysteria.  Stuff for the masses is always diluted and distorted.  If there's a one-size-fits-all scenario "out there,' you know there's a lot that's amiss. Anyway, this also accounts for an aspect of John Sheliak's conviction that the timewave singularity is a spread.

Now just to reiterate, I am not promoting the idea of looking "without" for signs and portents. Rather, I am suggesting that there "still might be time left" for the timewave to run its course to Zero.  For what it's worth.  Think of it as a wormhole connecting two portals, entering the Yang-solar and exiting Yin-lunar.

As an aside, regarding the Ten Terrestrial Branches and Twelve Celestial Branches (“Chinese Zodiac”), there is a set of Sexegenary combinations by year, month, day, and even hours which cyclically repeat in a “seasonal” time-fractal.  The Sexegenary combination of the calendar (Gregorian) year 2013 is 癸巳  (Mizunoto-Mi or Kishi (or Mizunoto-Snake)). Of the Ten Terrestrial Branches, 癸 (Mizunoto) is Water of Yin. Of the Twelve Celestial Branches, Snake is Fire of Yin.  So we have a Yin-Yin year in 2013, and the Sexegenary combination gives the classical interpretation of “Water destroying Fire”(水剋火).
癸 is the tenth of the Ten Terrestrial Branches, and it is assigned in the Yin-Yang pentad-phases paradigm to the element of Water.  The logogram is associated with the idea of “measuring,” which connotes the phase in which seeds growing in vegetation become large enough to meaure.

巳 is ‘Snake’ in the Twelve Celestial Branches.  It is the sixth of twelve.  In Yin-Yang pentology its element is Fire, and is categorized as Yin.  It connotes “maximum negentropy” with respect to the growth of vegetation, the state in which no further growth is possible.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Carl Sagan

                                 "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known"

Carl Sagan was a genuine rarity in the field of scientific understanding. His whole approach to our understanding of our abode in the vast Cosmos was mediated through his own unique sense of wonder and curiosity that he had as a human being. This sense extended into areas to do with our history, cultures, myths and religions as a species, and not just some smug and arrogantly defined discourse on "poor old humanity"and its pointless little existence upon this dreary rock (like Stephen Hawking and Dawkin's wrong headed crusades against all things "unreasonable" except of course their rather own irrational form of atheism, which is yet another belief system!) is an attitude tantamount of all humanity's highest instincts.

Nietzsche, In Thus Spoke Zarathustra, (and Richard Strauss's musical treatment of the Scientific understanding by way of  the dry, musty and lifeless  Fugue in the same piece) with his amazing antennae and clear far sighted vision, saw all this "unhealthiness" from his remote vantage point in the 1870s. Essentially to him, this unhealthiness was the very same malady, but now in a secular guise, as Christan pity which he deplored. The reason he detested pity so much was due to the fact that it essentially diminished humanity's creativity, curiosity and wonder, by making everyone into an object to be pitied by the blind forces of God, Nature and Society, and which we see in the cult of victimhood today all across western societies, with the obligatory "confession" through the media, in some shape or form. Such a humanity to Nietzsche was "decadence" in the sense that it no longer possessed any overreaching of itself towards those values that would spur humanity onwards greater achievements.


Equally in his preface to Beyond Good And Evil, where he famously compares truth to a women, he attacks the modern day equivalents of Hawkins and Dawkins, namely the Dogmatists, as being almost more unhealthy than the Christan authorities for their sheer poverty of spirit and imagination.

"But now science, spurred on by its powerful delusion, hurtles inexorably towards its limits where the optimism hidden in the essence of logic founders. For the periphery of the circle of science has an infinite number of points and while there is no telling yet how the circle could ever be fully surveyed, the noble and gifted man, before he has reached the middle of his life, still inevitably encounters such peripheral limit points and finds himself staring into an impenetrable darkness"

Carl Sagan, who like Einstein had not just a powerful and great mind, but also perhaps more importantly, both were blessed with the wonderful gift of trying to open not just our eyes, but our hearts to those potentials that can exist in the very midst of life. Their way is fresh, vital, and open to the wonder of simply being a member of the Cosmos, and they bring light into the world, rather than the dark, pointless tales of optimism spun off for no particular purpose or meaning by Dawkins et al.

 "Personally, I would be delighted if there were a life after death , especially if it permitted me to continue to learn about this world and others, if it gave me a chance to discover how history turns out"