Thursday, February 21, 2013

Recycled Waste

A new track by me, I like to think of it as "beat poetry on helium", lyrics are inspired by a creepy street corner I live by.

Lyrics: We wait at the cold, dead street corner, its indentations filled with cigarette butts and mucus, A puff of smoke floats past me, it screams in my nostrils like a neglected new-born, the thick sheet of gray that has taken the sky hostage projects a blueish hue on everything, the only colors we can see are in our minds now, As the buzz-cut skeletons and bleached corpses wander around us, one wonders if they are content with who, what they are, do they sleep, do they dream? The cold air blows the thoughts from my mind, as the light beckons us to the other side of the road.