Saturday, March 16, 2013

Angelus Novus: The Angel of History

You who cannot hide, or, run,
Is it time, or was it eternity
That brought you here before me

For can you tell me what it is
That summoned you into this void
I look upon, as an angel of light-

For why, always the troubled sadness
I see, but can never truly ask you
Why you cannot cease your moving?

But from what, and to where, you go,
Are you a cursed, or, are you a blessed
Creature, captured like some exotic animal

In our imaginations,- could you ever be at home
In this ill conceived construction, you who’ve learnt
Not just the truth, but the opposite of our destructions,

You, who can never be, ultimately moved by us
Nor be made to intervene, by what you have seen
In us, was it not our strife, that frighten you off, the most?