Tuesday, March 26, 2013


(painting by Jenifer Ransom)
from S.E.L.F. (the Super Essential Light Field) as channeled by Catherine Bean Weser
Jose Arguelles has called The Book of Kin from the Dreamspell the DNA of the fourth dimensional holon. The Dreamspell is a tool of biopsychic transformation. It contains the divine and sacred codes of the being that you are beyond the three-dimensional self. In the Dreamspell you have the opportunity to reconstruct your fourth dimensional history/future, and associate yourself with cosmic root races, with tones of creation, and tribal affiliations. With this process, each of you has begun to create an entirely new template through which you can begin to operate in a much more fourth-dimensional way. The fourth-dimensional energy is not just associated with time–it is associated with the field of energy that holds this particular galaxy together. For in moving through the fourth dimension, one begins to experience the next dimensional universe by moving outside of the currently created dimensional galaxy. It is important for each of you to understand that the template that you have had as solar humans operating in this solar galaxy has been useful, but has only been useful up to this particular point in so-called time. At this moment that solar template is being overlaid with the galactic template in order to move you outside of the galaxy and into the supergalactic field.
The Maya were aware of their fourth-dimensional selves, in fact, they were fourth-dimensional beings connected to their third dimensional "ground crew."  They were diviners of harmony within this galaxy. Their mission was to synchronize the earth and its solar system with a broader and more galactic consciousness. In so doing, the galaxy organically gains more intelligence and each part of the whole joins a larger community of greater awareness. In this holographic universe, you as human holons will, as the Maya, seed the consciousness of the supergalactic field, with the information of the galactic template.
The last 20 years of this galactic synchronization beam is a time of organization of all fields of light. There is a frequency of light that emanates from the most evolved of star systems, perhaps coming directly from the galactic core, the Hunab Ku. In order for the sun to resonate at this frequency, the earth and all its inhabitants must evolve into a harmonic coordination. This can only be accomplished through global telepathy, or what we call global rapport. Rapport is the entrainment of one whole being to another whole being in a holographic resonance. In order to facilitate the rapport, you must move into the deepest parts of your being and reconstruct the DNA to its original state. All beings will then resonate at the highest frequencies of light, from the core of their DNA.
The Tzolkin, based on binary mathematical permutations, represents the sacred codes of DNA transmutation. In engaging yourself in the relationships represented in the Tzolkin, by diving into the Dreamspell, the organic result will be the ability to transmit yourself, as DNA information, from one star system to the next–and surf the zuvuya: travel inter dimensionally. This will create the biopsychic transformation that will result in galactic rapport.
In the synchronization of the field of energy that holds this galaxy together, with the fields of energy of all the other galaxies, the biopsychic transformation becomes a grand movement, a cycle of time and dimensionality. The imprinting of this new galactic template upon your solar template will be the preliminary process undertaken over the next 20 years. At that point, when these templates have become synchronized, you will begin to feel yourselves in the activation of the purest and most profound energy of light. For each of you is operating to reconstruct the DNA, not through an effort or any sense of construction that would necessarily employ a kind of activity or a kind of strategy. You are reconstructing the DNA from information that has existed in seed form since the inception of this whole human experiment. The DNA is a reflection of the morphogenetic field, or the information that is held in the planetary holon. The Dreamspell is a picture of that information, accessible through play, magic and paraverbal recollection.
Because the Dreamspell is based on the Tzolkin, the sacred geometry of the Maya, it is a tool for understanding how consciousness can express itself in matter. The Tzolkin itself is a matrix of essence. Only that which is of the original blueprint can pass through it. The Maya came to this planet to deliver information of consciousness evolution, and used human ideas to explain it. According to the Maya, each of you is empowered to connect directly, in rapport with the galactic center, and to experience sensuously, as well as electromagnetically, who and what you are. The seed has been planted by the Maya.
That seed is primarily carried in the DNA that is known as the mitochondrial DNA. This is the DNA that exists outside of the nucleus in each cell. It is the DNA that carries a kind of time encodement in the understanding of time and space as a construct through which you comprehend and create the nature of your reality. And it is in this DNA that all information of the original blueprint, so to speak, for the human experiment exists. You will begin to sense is the DNA that exists outside of the nucleus of every cell is the DNA of attunement. We would say that it is the DNA that exists outside of the galaxy, that is associated with the supergalactic sense of who and what the human individuation is. So the seeding from supergalactic energies or thoughtforms has been carried in terms of a template in mitochondrial DNA.
What exists in the DNA in the nucleus of the cell is the thoughtform of this galaxy. And your galactic gateway, the specific holarchal position that you carry within the field of light known as the Tzolkin or 13 by 20 matrix, is the  portal through which you ultimately reconstruct the DNA that exists within the nucleus. That is a step which is significant and important in the totality of what is unfolding before each of you. As you reconstruct this DNA, you are basically reconstructing the energetic fields of light that existed at the time in which this galaxy was seeded, in which you, as nothing other than the spark of light from God-presence, were motivated to incarnate in human form in order to achieve the understanding and the relationship of who and what you are to your galaxy, this  galaxy of which you are a part at this time.
The DNA that exists within the nucleus exists there in order to create  relationship with the mitochondrial DNA. It is necessary for you to understand that in the process of the reconstruction of the nuclear DNA, there is a simultaneously correlating process of reconstruction of the mitochondrial DNA. However, that relationship is dependent upon the relationship that you as a holon, a human holon, have to the light field or the planetary holon. These are the two ways in which the relationships of holon to holon are carried in the microcosm with regards to the nuclear DNA and the mitochondrial DNA. This binary relationship is a specific way of understanding the associations that are necessary in order to operate as a cellular being on the earth within this galaxy. The binary code underlies all the sacred codes of life–electromagnetic, nuerologic and biopsychic.
Scientists have identified the energy of the seeding, carried in the mitochondrial DNA, as the genetic blueprint which comes through the mother. The mitochondrial DNA and the nuclear DNA operate in a slightly different fashion. Mitochondrial DNA is associated with creation–the thirteen tones of creation–the way in which a species, thoughtform, seed, evolves. It functions through the galactic template. It is an evolutionary blueprint of life itself in terms of the human species.
The nuclear DNA, created from both the mother and the father, represents the resolution of duality, and creation from a point of reference of relationship. With regards to the Dreamspell, this particular DNA, the nuclear DNA, relates primarily to the 20 solar seals. In other words, those solar seals represent the 20 essential proteins that are a part of DNA. The nuclear DNA operates through the field of light of the solar template, and the solar tribes, the  twenty "groupings of galactic colonizers"  represent the 20 essential elements of time and consciousness.
What you have been doing with regards to activating the DNA through the Dreamspell is opening the galactic portal to see, sense, experience and, at least at one level of your being, understand the nature of these templates. Rather than looking at these templates in terms of the particular proteins, the particular components, of DNA in what you might call orthodox science terms, you are looking at these components in a very aesthetic, descriptive, almost poetic terminology. That is why the Dreamspell has been created. It assists you in activating the right brain part of your being, the part of your being that needs to have that kind of activation in order to engage the left brain, or the part of your being that has been so highly charged and activated in society as it exists at this time. Jose Arguelles has said "...for all intents and purposes, the entire modern world is a split-brain culture so dominated by the left hemisphere that it has lost contact with its own innate bodily functions."   The configuration of the 12 and the 60 is ultimately a configuration of the left brain. It is a hemispherically imbalanced  way of perceiving the world, your particular human world on earth, and your galaxy. From the perspective of a much more balanced hemispheric perception, the energy of the right brain at this time must be activated. It's as if the pendulum has swung and what is coming forward is a deeper commitment to operating in the realms where there is less of a sense of segmentation and more of a sense of the unification.
The Dreamspell offers the opportunity to explore the spiraling evolution of energies that can become understood through color, picture or glyph and number–not number that's associated with a kind of mathematical relationship–but number that's associated with pictorial representation. And that's what the seals and tones are really about. Yes, indeed, there is a very profound sense of a left brain radial matrix of numerical understanding that is the foundation of the Tzolkin and hence the foundation of this Dreamspell game, but the Dreamspell game has in itself been created to move you out of that kind of study and into a much more profoundly activated creative potential that exists within each and every one of you.
The creative urge is stored in the DNA from the original thoughtform or process by which you found yourself motivated to incarnate in this space and time. What we're speaking of here is that the activation of the DNA, both DNA forms, is a product of the creative process. The more that you allow yourselves to create, the more you are activating the original and most primary imprint or template for your DNA. The DNA itself is that which must create, and as it must create, its evolution or biopsychic transformation organically emerges. And the organic emergence of the evolution of the DNA is the incorporation of the strands of DNA that carry information from all of the profound light templates that have ever existed in all of so-called human history.
We are not speaking of the dreamspell of history, the recorded history, the kind of orthodox left-brain understanding of a linear progression. We're not speaking of Darwinian evolution, or the way in which one might perceive that somehow humankind has evolved. We're speaking of the whole process of a consciousness evolution that is maintained through the creative process that is the imprint or the template of the DNA itself. We're speaking of the DNA as a very specific unified matrix or unified field of energy. The real unified field is the template of creation which exists in the DNA. That is the life force and that can be understood through many different terminologies. It is through the process of creation and identifying the creative process in whatever terminology you might wish to use, that one then begins to sense that the evolutionary and organic movement of creation, of life itself, is underway.
From our perspective, the next 20 years is going to be a very profound time in which creation is the partner to what might appear to be destruction. The more that you associate yourself with your own sense of creation, the more that sense of destruction will be nothing other than the other side of the coin, and will become a part of your understanding of the way in which the organic evolution and biopyschic transformation takes place. And yet we are not speaking of a kind of binary functioning in which death must precede life and life must precede death. We're speaking of a kind of simultaneity in which there is the synchronization of what is known as creation and what is known as destruction in a much deeper level of integration, of human understanding, a much deeper level of ultimately being the G force, the God-force that exists within who and what you are as the human individuation on earth. If you set your intentions clearly forward you can begin to map or, in fact, trace the activation of your creative process, for that creative process is synchronized in many different dimensions. At this point, the opening of the galactic portal has occurred and the synchronization is underway.
The physical vehicle itself is learning to operate in a much more profound structure of light, a much more profound matrix of light, a much more profound movement of light. There is, at this point, the opportunity to really know that whatever seems to exist in the reality that you have created and structured according to the seeming consensus does not have to be destroyed in order for the creative process of the reality that you are now creating to flourish. In a synchronization with supergalactic levels of dimensionality, the overlaying of the solar and galactic templates and the biopsychic transformation can simultaneously occur with what has been called consensus reality. It is not necessary to perceive that destruction must come first. Instead, the creation of the new reality actually envelops and becomes a kind of umbrella, a much grander level of operating, so that you, in the old concept of your perception of reality, will continue to function effectively. Living multidimensionally means experiencing life in movement as an integrated right and left brain human, as a solar and galactic being, as a creator from the mitochondrial and nuclear DNA. It is actually a grander part of a larger experience of a much more profoundly inclusive field of light.
You can play this Dreamspell in order to sense ultimately the unified field of light that exists and is shared by all of you. For as you begin to find your identification in very individualistic terms, using what has been created as a construct of reality– yet instead of saying that it is space and time, saying that it is solar seals and tones– you begin to create a reality that appears to function somewhat like three-dimensional reality. But it is in fact functioning in another level of your being, because all of your attachments to time and space have to be altered into attachments to solar seals and tones, colors, glyphs and pictures and bars and dots and experiences of waveforms of information and energy. In so doing, the creative process has been stimulated. And in so doing, the activation of the movement of self through that galactic activation portal begins. You can construct and reconstruct a reality through the process of playing the Dreamspell. And the more that you come in touch with that process, the more creative you allow yourself to be, the more you will have information about the nature of the three-dimensional reality that you have created, that is other than Dreamspell, that you have believed to be the reality.
We're speaking of a biopsychic transformation in the understanding of who and what you are and how you function effectively in reality. You no longer plot or strategize or say that the reality you want to exist in is "the one where everyone is beautiful and everyone operates in high integrity and everyone is filled with light."  Although that may be your desire, out of the current tools that you have in three-dimensional reality–namely, time and space and some of the other beliefs and thoughtforms which maintain the three-dimensional reality–it is going to be extremely difficult to create that desired reality. You will have to operate in the old core belief that says that something must be destroyed before something new can be created. That's part of the consensus reality. So you must step through that perception and operate in this other creative field, the field of light that synchronizes the solar and galactic templates. That's what occurs in the process of playing the Dreamspell. That is what you will sense in a sensory electromagnetic way at the very core of all of your DNA. You will let go of all of your attachments to create reality that really comes out of the time/space field of constructing reality which isn't the truth of the original creative potential, the original creative energy.
The activation of the DNA occurs in the energy of creation. The energy of creation, the birth itself, is that which is inherently nurturing. It is just like the red dragon of the Dreamspell, whose power is nurturing, and whose action is birth. You will find that the three-dimensional time/space construct that you have been operating within will shift as a result of your attention and intention in playing the Dreamspell. It will occur organically as part of the biopsychic transformation.
Time is not a segment. The 12/60 segmentation is not really an appropriate understanding, nor is it anyone's visceral experience of time. For each and every one of you have had an experience of time in which hours have flown by and in which minutes have taken years. Does that mean that the segments have actually altered in the time/space construct or does that mean that who and what you are in the DNA has reconstructed a reality in the cellular structure of your being, in the way in which you are oriented?  As you begin to understand that, you begin to understand the implications which ultimately include a whole biochemical reordering, a reordering of every system that exists in the physical vehicle as well as every part of its light field. That reordering is done in the DNA as the DNA returns to its original job description, which is to create reality.
Those ten strands  of DNA that are not in physical form at this point in evolutionary movement, are not in form because the job description, so to speak, of the DNA has been altered, has not been realized. The job description has shifted from creating reality to creating survival. The creation of survival is, indeed, a necessary component in maintaining reality, but things have gotten a little out of balance. Things have gotten out of balance primarily through misuse of free will. The human individuation who, as a part of the creative process, has mistaken creativity with survival, has associated the energy of the birth as that which comes after death, or that which must be preceded by destruction. Time has become money, and de-synchronization has increased. This has all taken place in the dreamspell of history of the current population of consciousness and humans on this earth plane.
It is just as if the attention at the level of the DNA has shifted from the planetary holon to the planetary vehicle, identifying itself with the planet and perceiving reality as a necessary part of the planetary survival. Just as you have perceived earth as being in trouble or needing to be assisted or needing to have its shake-ups, you have perceived humanity. And just as you have perceived humanity, you have perceived the earth, and there is not one point when it was not like this or another point when it became like this, this is the creation. This is nothing other than the creation. As you begin to see the constructs which overlay your perceptions of reality, and as you begin to see the reality that you have created as a wavespell upon a wavespell upon a wavespell, call it as you will, you will begin to enable yourself once again to create, and enable yourself to give birth, and enable yourself in that way to nurture life itself and to recreate, in recreation, the necessary rapport. For ultimately, there is superluminal light which moves through the supergalactic template and moves directly into the DNA. And that activation engages the additional strands of DNA to create in perfection. The twelve strands of DNA are synchronized into the unification, and become the thirteen tones of divine creation.
The largest way of understanding reality is to understand it in the terms of the creation. As reality itself shifts, creation once again begins. Creation once again becomes the trajectory through which life itself is experienced. Now some of this may be a bit confusing or may be a bit difficult to understand, and yet that's only in the construct of your consensus three-dimensional self. The holon, your light body itself, understands.
If you wish for the activation of the DNA to become more conscious, play the Dreamspell. The Dreamspell allows the human three-dimensional part of yourself activity, and it is through activity that understanding in a deeper way takes place, for activity is the experiential component. Understanding that is not conscious is understanding without  experience.
You don't need to try to create experience. The end of the era of trying actually began at harmonic convergence. That was when the activity of trying to create what looked like a positive reality ended. At that point, the cosmic blueprints of each individual of the rainbow nation were given. You were no longer really able to try to be the blueprint. It became very clear that it was then necessary to simply be the blueprint, the blueprint is in place and that is, indeed, who and what you are, and will be, simultaneously. Harmonic convergence is when consciousness ultimately activated the willingness to stop trying and to just create.
From this particular field of energy, from this Super Essential Light Field, we simply wish for each of you to create, and to create from that place within yourself, from the level of the DNA that has been activated, the reality that is, indeed, the reality that moves beyond the old collective, the old time/space constructs, that is instead the reality that assists you in knowing the light, in knowing the God-presence, in knowing, indeed, who and what you are. Allow the biopsychic transformation to take place in your being, and enjoy the magnificent wavespell you have created. The eons and megamovement of all the constructs, matrixes, templates and relationships, are but a reflection of who and what you really are, the grandest Dreamspell of creation.