Sunday, March 31, 2013

Earth Changes

What's going on beneath the surface of our planet? All around the globe there has been a steady series of continuous reports (from around 2009) about these strange boom and "singing" trumpet like sounds. The sounds can be so intense that windows and other structures can begin to violently vibrate, often causing damage. Yet both the UGS and indeed NASA (David Hathaway) have concluded that they are currently at a loss in trying to locate the origins of these sounds. However, one of the most recent observations is quoted below:

"The sounds being heard are coming from the Earth itself. Changes deep inside the core are vibrating the crust near thin areas and causing the crust to act like a speaker most often times projecting deep waves up to the ionosphere where they are (bounced back) at audible frequencies... These inner ground vibrations are also what is causing the sink hole issue around the world... and underground water sources are being vibrated to the point of dispersion.” Retired Electronics Engineer Hill AFB.

So what could these changes be? And what could be causing them? One theory, I would suggest is that the Earth's core, and, in fact the entire atmosphere above the surface too, is currently being affected by forces from outside our local system, This probably started in essence around the late 1980s, however, we're perhaps only really beginning to "feel" the changes now. NASA, for example have recently stated that the Heliosphere in our solar system has changed shape quite dramatically, as it appears that it has become highly charged with energy particles from outside our system.

Like a microwave (see mircowave radiation in universe) heating water from the inside out, we just don't know how such energies interact with not just the upper atmosphere of planets, but, with the metal cores that generate the magnetic fields in planets like Earth. I also, think, that the current melting of large amounts of ice from glaciers in Greenland for example could cause unforeseen changes in the way plates interact with each other, and, "the cushion" upon which they sit and move. Still, the whole phenomenon seems very eerie, odd, inexplicable, almost otherworldly, worthy perhaps, of Charles Fort.