Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Kindness of Half Truths

The white clouds static as the green trees
Pairing into qualities, patiently waiting, to be?
In the wide, Skies Black Birds flower the bees,
In the narrow, Hives Black Ants fish the seas,
Contrasting like minds, only the imagination sees

The truth in-forming metaphor above us
Go thinly imperceptible in the Brain's vault
That damp domain we feel exists too easily in us,
Feeding uncomplicated facts that never halt
Us permanently to know a truth without fault

Life advances neither in singulars nor plurals
Individuals and collectives share the common fate,
Spraying nature’s white walls as incomplete murals;
The DNA is halved light made in blind faith,
Lives all living things- in forms just like our faith

We believe, for who are we, questioning, every day?
Following next, like wooden trams going one way?
Of equations and linear sequences let them go astray
For are not birds and humble bees, but a reminder
Of a metaphorical truth who’ll make us kinder?