Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dream Fragment

I'm strolling by the banks of a large urban river in a north European city. It could be Vilnius, but, it feels more like Burgess except the streets seem to be totally deserted of both inhabitants and visitors alike. Still in the distance I hear a sound like a tram rumbling along an old cobbled street. I feel a sense of both uncanny wonder and deep intrigue. I continue walking, it's high summer and everything is in bloom, the trees are a verdant green, and the wind is catching them gently in its grasp.

I hear an organ playing inside a cathedral. I cannot tell what type of music it is, but it pleasant and precise in it notes. Inside the church it is very dark, except in a spot where there is a man, whom I do not know, who is talking in monologues about Love. He doesn't appear to be a priest, his words are too sure, yet I cannot understand the exact meaning of them. What he says seems to be a secret coded in the language of Love. Yet, I cannot decipher them, and it frustrates me a little, still he continues talking ... I hear the tram again, and then wake up, thinking did Christ's followers ever understand what he said?