Thursday, April 18, 2013

Future Now

I heard it said the other day that December 21, 2012 marked the death of the New Age movement.  Perhaps this is so, and it is apropos since the date was an externalization of inner processes.  Whether the inner process was occurring in the Mind of one individual being here on planet Earth or in the Minds of a few, or in the Minds of quite a few, or in the Minds of many, or in the Minds of multitudes, or in the Minds of all beings without exception, and even if it were for but a single Planck instant, it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever, because it is all the same. It happened, somewhere, somehow, and the mission was accomplished. Maybe those who were on the mission do not even know this.  Concrescences pinged everywhere in ripples of time, and the threshold date was a somewhat deceptive marker.  But the pinging was there, for lack of a better concept, like the way bats navigate on sonar, so something had to be there.  It just wasn't what anyone expected.    

Whatever the case, there is a new veil, and it's called the Now.  Indeed even that Planck instant---which was the primordial Bija of demolishing outdated paradigms hitherto---might have been utterly imperceptible, and all the external hoopla in the world would amount to a hill of beans in the light of its encapsulated potential, potency.  Don't go chasing without, and that is one of the very, very basic exoteric messages that had been hammered into the collective unconscious skull.  Collectivity is dense and entrenched; they believe in the eternal validity of convention; fortune-cookie platitudes are mistook for sapiential gold.

But never mind the collective.  Never mind, for now. The moment is the Future, its eternal presence; it cannot be chased, it cannot be externalized, it cannot be controlled. Resonate and entrust. And if you can laugh, truly laugh, then you are there. And if you are not there, then collectivity will reflect it, in all eventuality. Sheep people (sheeple), herd people, meme people, reptile people, virus people, such is the mode of collectivity hitherto, so think of the paradigms which sustain them. Where is the shepherd, where is the pen, where is the field, where are the hills, where is the colony, where is the host, where is the tender and keeper of the light? Who is it? What is it? Nothing is what it seems, such is the working of fields of resonance. The husk and shell do not reveal the inner workings.  Everything unfolds, like a flower. And to be sure you are resonating with that cosmic flower, take the litmus test, and laugh. If that laughter is true, you are there.