Monday, April 1, 2013

Phase for Thought

In addition to some of the other Earth changes that appear to be happening, the following, should also give us phase for thought.

NASA has confirmed that a comet will approach very closely, perhaps, even impacting, Mars next Spring. This is really quite amazing, considering the size of Mars, and that even if it doesn't hit it, at a similar approach distance to Earth, it would seriously influence our planet's atmosphere and electromagnetic field. Many Scientists have commented recently on the usually high number of totally undetected and/or unknown Comet visitations arriving into the inner solar system within the last two years in particular. This has prompted some to speculate as to the possibility that we've entered a region in space (our solar system) that may not just be more energetic, but, may also contain more debris, including comets and asteroids in comparison to the relatively calm regions we've travelled through in the past, which also allowed for the development of conscious life from the crude building blocks of life. It could seem, if this were indeed true, that yet again, some type of cosmic creative principle organises life, and the possibilities for its intelligent evolution, in a natural manner, that gives it just enough time to develop enough possible intelligence and insight, to allow it to truly establish itself in the great cycles of creation throughout the cosmos. Like any naturally created form of life, the Cosmos, and what organises it, is willing through sheer numbers, time and space, to let the majority of what has potential to fall by the wayside, just as what occurs in all types of reproduction; however, it gambles on some potential forms of intelligence which may have indeed developed both the necessary intellectual and spiritual intelligence to be able to fend off so called natural disasters, including Comet strikes, by the time the clock hands have returned to the place, where other potential forms must be given a chance, in place of those who never matured within the allotted time and space.

Likewise we can see such changes affecting our weather, this week for example winds from the Arctic are predicted to blow the whole way from northern Norway to Senegal in west Africa, there may even be sleet and snow showers in the deserts of the western Sahara for example, and, such odd weather patterns can be nearly seen every week in some part of the world recently. Again, these to me seem indicative of the aforementioned changes that are happening throughout our solar system, and, which are changing such things as the jet stream and ocean currents via our planet's changing electromagnetic field.

Man-made climate change is complete nonsense, climate change is happening on nearly all of the planets in our solar system, the atmosphere on Mars has thickened greatly in the past few years, Pluto is heating up quicker than any other planet, yet it is furthest from our Sun and I don't think there are any SUVs there. Yet logically, if the theory about energy coming from outside our solar system is correct, this would make sense, as Pluto would of been the first Planet to experience this energy entering our system, and it has been thawing out for about the last ten years. The magnetic fields around both Saturn and Neptune have also surged in the last few years, Saturn is even building new rings, half the distance to Jupiter, which is amazing. Such rings were probably formed by the increased charges entering the planets from outside, and ice particles and other debris carried in these influxes of energy will become arranged in such cases to the gravitational orbits of the host planets.

At the micro level it has been speculated that such energy could rewrite the DNA in plant and animal cells too, maybe some of our junk DNA might function only after certain external catalysts have acted upon us ... but that's a different story!

As was not predicted, the solar max of our own Sun has not materialised (2012-2013) as of yet. The Scientists, including Mr. Hathway of NASA are currently at a loss to explain this strange behavior. However, if we've been looking in the wrong direction, how are we expected to see what might be coming our way? True the whole 2012 scenario was a fiasco of mildly comical proportions which became more absurd the more it became “public knowledge,” but perhaps we’ve missed the point by ignoring the fact that we are all in the process of huge changes that are occurring around us at the moment, and, even events like the explosion of the asteroid over Russia last month, should give us phase for thought. If big things are going to happen, more than likely, they’re not going to tell us the exact date and time in advance.  Usually, the world changes when you least expect it!