Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Potentially Paradigmal Declensions Maybe

Human collective ideology can never work. It is impossible. Humans ought to be utterly free to choose where they live, and with whom, anywhere on the globe. Religionists can live with co-religionists, blah-blah-blahs can live with the blah-blah-blah-ists, and so on, societies can thrive, like Utah, on the basis of a shared paradigm. Now if only this mosaic sociological view can be implemented, and there be no universalist in the bunch. But there might be necessary agreements, globally, for instance, regarding ecological regulation, pollution control, and so on. What about population? An issue. Catholics. Think of the large majority of Catholics who listen to the pope, who believe that humans are to procreate to replenish the earth because god decimated its population in Noah's flood. Poverty is not an issue, only procreation is. So yes, there will definitely be a very large group that will adamantly populate and keep populating, because their god tells them there is not enough of them. They look unto the rainbow of Noah and say, yes, the earth shall never be destroyed by water again. This promise will hold. 

So no, there is that group. And then there will be that group that will have to go out and change people's minds because souls are at stake, or because an invisible nomadic patriarch in the sky would command universal human created behavior to be so and so, the divine injunction would have to be enforced. There is no choice, for to refuse would be to refuse the past, the ancestors, the divine rule, the divine law, god, prophets, holy writ, culture, men, and so on. So ideas would hold precedence over harmony, and if force must be used, they would, because they are absolute believers. Nothing else matters, especially this world, because the real world is the world of heaven and god and angels and stuff, and this world is just a veil of tears. As a matter of fact, messing up this infidel idolatrous world might incur god's favor.

Then there will be that group of survivalism, whose ideology is survival at any cost, hence values of throwback modes would be considered to be masculine, impressive, heroic, manly, and only the manly shapes things, because the feminine cannot handle survival. It is for men. But homosexuality must never be tolerated because it is embarrassing and effeminate, so the world of men must rule. Perhaps killing would be fine because sex is a frightening thing, and killing is better, because if there is a lot of hyper force, and men can become very pumped up and excited, they can bring themselves to believe that real men are adored by other real men, and are impressive in that way, and hence, they can act in very convincing ways that they mean business.  Weapons and more weapons, those will be the considerable commodities. 

Communists and ethnic cohesion are glue that stick the wickets of states of the North and Cuba and China other such kinds of cohesive biospheres, and androns who believe in collective rule make nature, the cosmos, reality, spirit, to be lies, and so nature is only there for the taking, because nature is the biggest lie. The synthetic makes for progress and profit, so more and more must be synthesized, because that is the human endeavor, the solution to the problem of hunger, depression, severe depression, even more severe depression, and so on, and mountains must be leveled to make way for the millions. The millions and millions who will mill about in the millions, to make more, and thus there will be the sustenance of what I need, yes, I, not anyone else, and I shall be known for generations as a great man indeed. Celebrated, bronzed, and so on. 

So maybe yes, maybe no, the experts in colleges will know the difference, around the world, because education is so important, but no one listens to education, so why is it so important? No, no, it's all very sleepy, very, very sleepy, even if the sun is shining and people are talking very loudly. Or shouting, even. Or there is a lot of booming and stuff too.  
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