Saturday, April 27, 2013

Zao Cohen

I came across an interesting article just by chance of someone who experienced a synchronistic epiphany of a divinity of the Japanese mountain-ascetic Shugendo tradition, called Zao Gongen; what was interesting about the person's experience was the nature of the synchronicity, that he had a magazine opened to a page of Sasha Cohen (olympic figure skater) striking a victory pose, right next to a photo of Zao Gongen, and the two were both in a very similar iconic pose. What could have been the significance of this synchronicity, as Sasha Cohen is figure skater, and the other is an extremely wrathful eschatological divinity? The answer is in nonduality, of course; the energy of wrathful enlightenment is readily found in places of beauty and victory. I think it was quite a wonderful synchronicity.

Photo from the article in question

Sasha Cohen: Rite of Spring on