Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Clearing a Thick Poltergeist Field

I'm being purposefully vague and ambiguous here, but I've been in the midst of an intense ongoing practice, and it is still going on.  Fields, energies, and consciousnesses accumulate and compound, as do ramifications of rippling effects of the accumulations, nonlocally.  Along with the "settling" effects, there are also "unsettling" effects and fields which also gather-accumulate, it's par for the course for this kind of practice.  So something has to be done to release the "unsettling" accumulations.  When they gather, trouble begins, and the "reminders" begin, calling out as it were for help.

There is something that can be done which acts as a release-valve of accumulated pressure, and it's the "hungry-ghost feeding rite" (Segaki).  While I am to do it daily as a protective measure, due to a very heavy schedule, I became remiss for over a couple of weeks.  The result was becoming palpable, day by day, and the visceral effects started to show.  

This is a practice that's been in the making for decades now, literally, so things are coming to a head, so there's no room for inadvertence and forgetfulness.  There are protocols with built-in failsafes and protections, and it's a perilous business to bypass them.

One of the least unnerving effects was that poltergeist-like noises started. I wasn't the only one who started to hear thumping, bumping, dragging-furniture kind of noises in the daytime and early, early morning (between 4:00 to 5:00 in the morning), on the roof and in the garage.  E heard it and was wondering about it, and after the last time I heard it, which was almost as if a trick was being played on me, I did a Segaki rite, which completely stopped the things-that-go-bump noises.

When entities, energies, fields, beings, consciousnesses, ghosts, demons, yokais, et al. accumulate, a practitioner does what a practitioner does: throw a banquet, resonate with the cosmic telos, and stay on course.