Saturday, May 11, 2013


I have never been much of a "seer" when it came to ghosts. While almost always aware ... almost always being able to feel, and sometimes hear ... there have only been a dozen or so times that I have ever laid eyes upon a ghost. The first time it ever happened, I was a young girl, and my great uncle passed away. I loved him dearly, and he visited me for a while. You can read that story here. A doorway was opened, and it led to those other viewings, but it has never come easy for me since the first time.

My husband, Jack, is an excellent seer. He talks frequently of those around us, and I can feel and hear them ... but it is hard for me to see.

At night, my bedroom is thick with them at times. I usually cannot sleep well on those nights. The constant feeling of being watched is unnerving. No malice ... usually ... just ever present watchfulness.

Jack has often spoken of the little girl who hangs around here all the time. We have no clue why she is here. Nothing major happened where we live, and while the county I live in has an interesting past, my exact area is a bit of a reach from where those interesting things happened. Jack never described her to me, but Alex saw her when she was 5 or 6, and would talk to her. To be honest, it freaked me out. I never saw her myself at that point, and to have both of them constantly talking to her or seeing her, while I could not, made me decide to just ignore the whole thing, for my own peace of mind.

That all changed a couple of weeks ago.

I have been struggling for a while now (you can follow my blog here, but I warn you, it is a heavily loaded blog at this point in my life), and I stopped sleeping deeply, or for very long. I was uneasy, and could not seem to get comfy. The temperature of the room was always way too cold or way too hot, no matter what I did.  I would doze in 30 to 45 minute increments, and would wake up in a slightly alarmed state. For no good reason. The 3rd or 4th night into this sleep pattern, I was startled into waking, and Alex was standing in front of me, on my side of the bed, staring at me.  I jerked back, and reached out to touch her, and my hand went right through her. She slowly faded from my sight. I was frozen in place for a moment, and then I bolted out of the bed and hurried across the house to Alex's room.

She was sound asleep in her bed.

I tucked the covers more tightly around her, and went back to bed. There was very little sleep for the rest of the night.

A couple of nights later, it happened all over again. I wake up, startled, and Alex is leaning over, staring in my face, I reach for her, my hands pass through, I run to check on her, and she is asleep. I was very confused, and a little worried.

It happened twice more, a couple of days apart, before I realized it was not Alex. This little girl, while adorned with long blonde hair, as Alex is, did not have the same hairstyle. In fact, it was a hairstyle Alex had never worn.

The shirt the little girl wore was always the same. A fairly modern fashioned T-shirt, with narrow grey and white horizontal stripes on it. Alex does not own a shirt like this. The biggest giveaway that this was not my little girl, and what should have been the first thing I noticed, was the black pools where her eyes should have been.

There is nothing evil about the girl, but it bugs me that she is right in my face when I open my eyes. She fades within a few seconds, but I can feel she is still there.

I finally asked Jack to describe her while Alex was at school, and he gave me the exact description of what I saw beside my bed. I asked Alex that afternoon, while she and I walked home from the bus stop together, and she described the same girl ... with one difference. To Alex, the girl's eyes were blue. Not the black pools Jack and I see. I am not sure if that is so the girl will not scare Alex, or what.

I am not sure what to make of it. It has happened a total of seven times in the last couple of weeks, usually about every other night, sometimes three nights in between. However, I have not seen her in about four nights now.

As an aside, Alex, who is 8, no longer needs to sleep with a bright light on for the first time ever. Now she uses a little 2-watt night light. This also started four days ago, the last time I saw the girl.

Jack says she is harmless, and as I said, I feel no particular sense of malice ... just a bit uneasy because of the way she presents herself to me.

Even with the ghosts I have seen, and the ones I feel, I have never considered myself to be haunted. For the first time since I became aware ... I wonder if I am ... or if it is the house ... or if it is random. I wonder what she wants, or does she want anything at all? Maybe she is just checking us out.

I wish I had more insight to this kind of thing.

For now, I just hope she stays wherever she has gone off to, so I can get some decent sleep at night!