Monday, May 27, 2013

Little Green Men

Yumma, Yumma, We Are Your Friends....Yumma, Yumma, We Come In Peace

I sometimes speak to stones, I sometimes speak to open skies, I sometimes speak with the birds that fly, I sometimes speak with all manner of beasts, I sometimes even dane to speak with two legged bipeds who squeak...

And so, it was dear friends, that I set off up to visit the legendary KA, the one eyed blind sided transformer of worlds, the drummer of the dead and the living, of those in between states and minds, of those neither visible but not invisible.......... The KA of tobacco smoke, of drink, of many partners, of reverie, of divine laughter...of divine angry, of molten steel and solar fire, of aqueous serenity and its deep dark blue.  And so I hiked through the lowlands of spring grass, supple with all classes of domesticated life, the timid newborn lambs, not long for this world, the calves, less timid, but familiar with their boundaries, and through the quiet sparse hills of pine and spruce I walked, and walked following the course of the river that eventually became the stream that led to his place, the hut of huts, in the wood of woods is what he "named it", the eye of the needle, the speck against the sun, the portal through the centre.

KA welcomed me into his hut, that night we talked, smoked, drunk, danced a bit, I chatted with his "wives" and with his partners both here and in the in-between of dark and light spaces. During one of his trances he spoke with the Green Men or rather they spoke through him. At first their language seemed familiar, a bit like a voice from a cartoon show, but, there was something different...hmm...yes, it was better modulated, and, it seemed both serious but also slightly mocking!. Anyway, after my ears had adjusted, they began talking about humanity's general ignorance and forgetfulness (this is something KA said often his visitors liked talking about, in fact, at times he got a little bored by it) of nature's laws, however, after a while they began speaking about their own existences. Apparently, the Little Green Man of UFO legend wasn't as a ridiculous idea as many modern people now think, in fact, the archetype of the Green Man was deeply implanted in humanity's shared common collective imagery. The imagery came in fact from a very early association with these classes of beings, many of thousands of years ago, and, now their distant memory was only preserved through their dim imagery in myths, or, through their sudden re-emergence in modern form, but often in a totally transformed or altered way. They explained that the Martian, Little Green Men, fables of the 1940s and 1950s were an example of this, and that humanity's foolishness about trying to prove their existence lay in our "fascination" with trying to capture what cannot be grasped, for they don't exist in our realm, but conjoin it when they please!! They seemed to find our attempts to control their processes amusing. 

After a while behind the dance and the drum beats, the voices became more disparate, until eventually again a more distinctive voice emerged through KA's mouth. This time, the voice was of the Green Man himself, it was firm and insightful, and he spoke about the evolution of intelligent life on Earth. Originally, there was to be no humanity, in fact, there was to be no animals at all, the cut off point in the Earth's biospheric evolution he stated was to be in a permanent equilibrium between plants and insects life. Intelligence on Earth was to culminate  in a system of mutually inter-dependent networks with no particular centre or control in any given place, all would be one, and one would be all. However, the Green Man said this couldn't happen, as it soon become clear that for intelligence to develop beyond the point of mere global awareness, it was necessary to develop beings, like those on other planets, who could develop and create consciously from themselves. In those fair off distant times a race were conceived that indeed where of part plant and animal, they were indeed the original Green Men of fables, their skin was green with the chlorophyll of plants, it was hoped they could live directly from the Sun's energy, however every generation wittered away at a certain point.

At this stage in the trance, KA was becoming drowsy as morning was eventually breaking through the valleys of the mountains across the plains from KA's hut, yet, still the voice of the Green Man continued with his tale, and so we were told, as the daylight shone more and more outside,  of that new race that had to feed upon the flesh of itself (animals) so as to make that energy for the necessary organs of the intelligence that was needed upon the unique system of the Earth. So, it was that man eventually came to be, and that the Shaman here in his trance was the embodiment of the animal, plant and mineral spirit in man. The Green Man's voice then just gradually faded, however, when KA awoke again, he seemed to be aware of his or their presence, in fact KA thinks of them as natures guardian spirits, yet he can see them as aliens from our past and future too, or, as the Little Green Men that played with our imaginations in the 1950s. Next morning I returned home, my head aching, saying Yumma, Yumma, We Are Your Friends....Yumma, Yumma, We Come In Peace...but still as I looked out at the morning sky I couldn't really tell myself honestly that there aren't those other less benevolent GREEN or GREY MEN OUT THERE!!