Monday, May 6, 2013

Monologue in a Cosmology Lecture Part 1

Leonard Susskind
The question does not equal its answer.

They will come to understand
That not all forces are equal
That equilibrium is a rare rule
That reality is indeed a graduation
Abstracted like rings on the bark,
We imagine what we cannot know
And we know what we cannot imagine,
That islander not under the same heavens.
He says, there is a measure for all things
And for all things there is but that time
For some there is more, and for others, less
In the singular bonds of every attraction
We were bound toghter in that same fate
Of rough beginnings, middles, and endings
For this is the common stuff of everything,
The vicissitudes of myths and men, and their dreams
Glowing like primordial sparks in the dark matter,
Compelling, Us, for a second, to be something more.

The question does not equal its answer.