Saturday, May 4, 2013

The curious case of Otto Henry

Otto was born with a condition which was indeed considerable.  His father, who was a dentist, always had the hope for a son who had a knack for stock brokering.  One day, it is true, his father did tell him that he was going to be too old some day to pay the price, and when that happens, we all know that he's the one who will be paying the piper.  This is what he said.  So when Otto was the age of four, he began to make songs.  He wrote them on wadded pieces of paper that were wadded first.  So much so was his obsession at the time, that his parents decided to take him to see a cultural attache.  But we all know what happened after that, his father went up the ladder, and so on.  This was the enigma, folks, which we all know, but when Otto said it was up for grabs, he was being sincere.  Who wouldn't?

(Dedicated with a wink to my friend James Henry)