Saturday, June 22, 2013

Natural History

Before dawn awoke
I awoke,
Yes I remembered-
It was June
The bedroom, neither
Light or dark,
I was somewhere
There, between, them.
Aware of each minute
And second passing
Like a freezied breeze
In the flowing leaves
Amongst the crazed trees
The little song-birds
Would soon greet
The first
Defining light
Of this coming day,

The world would form
From the primal shadows
Of that ancient dream
The embers glowing hot
Like distant constellations
Pre-existing and existing
With a solitary man
Now, 40 plus, grey
Average more than halfway
There- with all the years
Before, now no more
Real than the flickering dream
She always awakes us from-

How rudely salvation rests
And reclaims a sense
Of time regained, cherished
In these urban streets
Where sleepers still sleep
And cat’s stalk their prey
Amongst the neat gardens,
Mists linger on the grassy dew
Like the vanishing quietness
Undressing the breaking dawn
I will awake. I will arise.
Clockwork as Nature.