Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Advent of Utopia Hoax, Hysteria, Hucksters

I think of the previous Aeon of Pisces and its predominant christian paradigm as a gross-material metaphor of the current Aeon of Aquarius.  The inception of the paradigm was not exoteric, but esoteric; I believe that the true, original essence of the mystery christ-cult is to be found in its collection of apocrypha, the rejected material.  The rejected material was labeled as heresy and hoax by the Council of Nicaea, and discarded to eternal oblivion.  Some of the early mystery-cult was eschatologically based, and as the centuries rolled, their anticipation of the return of the Son of Man and the advent of the Kingdom of God had to be interpreted, redirected, and revalued.

Today, the same pattern prevailed yet again for those who had anticipated a great change on December 21, 2012, who are perhaps still reeling from the aftermath.  Was there some kind of planetary emancipation, renewed self-understanding, rapture, salvation, sign, and so on? Not really.  It was just any other day plus paranoia, hype, spiritual gatherings, and anticipation. And parties.

But was it all just a bullshit hoax, hyped-up flim flam?  Yes and no.  Kernels of truth are often cloaked in shit.  You have to have the jeweler's eye of spotting the sparkling gem in the ore.  The shit aspect of the eschaton-event was the mundane, gross interpretation, viz., the idea that something big and spectacular was going to happen.  That's the bullshit.  After all, wasn't it emphasized time and again by the authentic seers, that the event was supposed to be a transformative portal? If you have bumped up a transcendent notch in your inner evolution, if the event aroused an aspiration to awaken, then the mission was accomplished. Utopia would have made its advent, uneventfully, quietly, privately, secretly.  Esoterically.   

Don't go seeking without, saying "Lo here lo there."  Wasn't there some kind of logion like that from an ancient writ?  Utopia is within.  It always was.  Trees don't emerge out of thin air, they grow from seeds.  Tiny little insignificant seeds.  Buried in soil.  And sometimes, the more shit there is in the soil, the healthier the tree will grow.  Reflect on this, resonate, and you too will enter the gates of Utopia.