Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Devolution Paradigm

There is a backwards-motion paradigm in the world. It embraces devolution and reversal. The seeming forwards-motion of time should be indication, an extremely obvious one, so obvious that it goes undetected, undetected as gravity till Newton mentioned it, undetected as is water to aquatic life that live in it, as undetected as chemical element O by all who breathed it prior to its "discovery"; it is right in everyone's face from time immemorial, it's an aspect of the second thermodynamic law, that time is irreversible, that the course of the Cosmos seems to be going forward and never backward, that even cycles are spirals that move up a notch from their previous starting points. 

There is a devolution paradigm in the world, which points an accusatory finger at anything which would negate, transcend, abrogate, and sublimate that paradigm. The devolution paradigm. The devolution paradigm is based in fear, it teaches fear, and is an expression of fear. The Minotaur of the Age of Taurus is at the center of its labyrinth, as it was trapped provisionally by the Age of Aries; the Ram was rejected by the Age of Pisces. The Fish of the Age of Pisces can now swim freely in the deluge of the Age of Aquarius, and the active principles of Air are ubiquitous above its oceanic horizon, and even within the nectar-ocean, even unto the very bottom, and beyond. There is a teleological process at work. But the devolution paradigm says No. It says there is no teleological process of a conscious Cosmos. 

Devolution is the path of going backwards, and hence “backward-masking” has been attributed to infernal speech. The teachings which promote devolution are all backward-masking. Devolution is contrary to the teleology of the Cosmos, because the Cosmos does not devolve. Cycles in the Cosmos are not actual cycles, but spirals of sublimation. Hence the so-called cyclical path of the Cosmos does not “go back,” it ascends to the next level, the next phase of refinement of seeming repetitions. But even repetition, which is a necessary heuristic, is not the same as devolution. Devolution is the mode of dismantling evolution in the present, and the attempt to keep going back further and further into the less evolved past, which is a process of embracing entropy and chaos; because at the end of that tunnel is the primordial White Noise, which is but only one aspect of threefold reality: Chaos, provisional order (Habit), and Telos (sublimation).