Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lugg's Kingdom

There is no denying it-
Lugg is my name- I am
The whistling in the brambles
The rain in the thistle's drop
And the blood in a robin’s breast-
I am- the distant silhouette- you see
I am many things- infinite and vast
Like an ocean in the mind's eye
Where there is no going back
Nor no looking forward- I am here
Near this brook’s gentle stream
Partaking the common bread
With the soft peat compressed
Softly under my feet, I am
The Shepherd, The sheep
The lost, The lame, The excluded
The One with the mute kingdom
Of stone, Of infinity, Of solitude
Where miles shall echo, just so
Where I await not Man nor God-
For here I'm Lugg and I'm everything.