Monday, June 2, 2014

Interview with a time traveler

                                                           "I left planet Earth eons ago"
                                           And would you return? " Well, that's an interesting question
                                 as it wasn't much fun way back in God's time...I was of course "human" then
                                        ...long before your types were even half formed nematodes!                                                     But...would I go back (the word back of course relates just to your clumsy 
                                 figures of speech, back/forward are totally irrelevant in my dimension)to say                                                          2015... Your lives are truly sad on that planet of yours
                                                         and I'm no hero, but I am a curious traveler
                                                       and inclined towards general benevolence 
                                                              so return...hmm,,I must muse"!