Thursday, August 7, 2014

Adventures of the time travelling Philosophers 2014

(The two ancient philosophers return to their time-machine after a night on the tiles in Blackpool England)   

Socrates  “So what is this place? My friend?”
Plato “A mystery within another mystery”
Socrates “Ah Peanuts! A mystery with a mystery, typical of you”
Plato “Alright great and noble one we’ve arrived in the year 2014.. What a peasant!” 
Socrates “Humour at last, after 3000 years of being locked in this grubby time machine with you singing the virtues of the ideal, no wonder the Tudors nearly had us beheaded….so anyway what of philosophy in these times? What of her noble calling, her receiving in mankind’s hands, the torch flame touched in the passing away of Night”
Plato “Talk about me being flowery…..well good friend
she makes no such demands any more, now she merely whispers that we must observe ourselves in our own image and compare ourselves to every other self’s opinion without any critical judgement”
Socrates “What a load of peanuts”
Plato “Indeed… they’ve even created this little (showing a tablet) space filled with whispers commenting on the whispers of other opinions called twitters”
Socrates “Twitters…What would that stuffy Frenchman from Rouen think…who we met…”
Plato “I say he’ll fall off his horse again!”
Socrates “Sounds rather banal! But still would like to see his pompous bum hit the ground again nevertheless”
Plato “Indeed, why, you’ve have become very cynical these days?”
Socrates “Well, smarty pants it’s not philosophy is it!”
Plato “Correction, it’s not philosophy as we know it” 
Socrates “Oh please, don’t reference that play from the year 1963, with men and women, colored into one garment, going into the void…I still recovered from that yet!”
Plato “ But to be serious for a moment, cynicism with regard to the state of philosophy in this time is not totally without warrant…most people have not interest in being their true self, the accept this world as the one only true realm.
Socrates “And of course how can you be anything greater than your natural self is you believe there’s nothing more than the material world?”
Plato “ Therein lays the rub!”
Socrates “Obviously your books must bore them!” 
Plato “Obviously!..but if you have lived your whole live in a prison then how do you know any different”
Socrates “Very true…hence the twitter book! You’re beginning to sound like a true weary philosopher, or, a one eyed poet from another time”
Plato “Poet, perish the thought”
Socrates “Alright boy genius get me a good ale…doubt it will be up to the Tudor’s style…and start figuring which button to press next” 
Plato” No you don’t my friend, night is coming and we need to be sober to get this crate going!” 
Socrates “Sober what a spoil sport…!”