Friday, August 1, 2014


Go to Instagram or Twitter and look up, say, some kind of currently popular celebrity's official account. You will see there fan tweets and comments, literally by the thousands. They are like mountains of garbage data and human spam, each clamoring for recognition.

Herd mentality is paradoxical, because each person in the herd believes that somehow s/he has a voice, that s/he somehow has a unique ego.  To an extent this is true, but then again, if the same holds true for everyone, there is nothing that is unique.

In the current garbage-throwaway consumership culture, there is a prevalence of this kind of information Noise (Chaos) and information entropy in the cyber and social-media world in which many people live.

How then is a person to become unique, special (i.e., in an upstanding, ethical way)?  Perhaps the first step is to forget about standing out, forgetting about the specialness of one's own egocentric self. This is not about abandoning things.  But it's not about getting entrenched and swept away.  

But the flip side is that the prevalence of information Noise and entropy could afford enough contrast for people to self reflect more.  Who knows.